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Written on: 02/08/2013 by Sharronwastedmoneyonautotrader (1 review written)

Nearly £50 for 3 weeks....Could not find the car listed. Checked by nearest to my post code..checked between £4k and £5k.....still not showing. 3 mobile phones, 2 laptops and a pc and non could find my car.
Friends knew my car was on and they were looking and couldnt find it. (each time I editted the ad it showed for an hour or so)
The only views were the ones we viewed!! one call....and that was me checking to make sure the phone number they allocated worked.

To make matters worse, when the ad ran out they rang up and asked when the car was sold.....after explaining the farce that happened they said they would do me a favour and re advertise it for 2 weeks for £30!!
Then they said customer service would ring me to discuss the failure of the advert to appear.....they did and basically had a go at me saying it was my fault because we didnt jump through hoops finding who we should ring to get it fixed.
I explained that I expected a call to make sure everything was ok.....and Id put it down to experiance, £50quid wasted...and word of mouth from me wouldnt do any favours....and after speaking to the guy from "customer services" Id pay £50quid not to have to talk to them....talking over you and admonishing you because the car didnt sell (below list price mind you) Then telling you you didnt complain quick enough....but again offering to re advertise it for cash.

Utter waste of time, and complete contempt for AUto Trader. I was robbed (harsh words but thats what i call it when you pay for a service and dont get it...sue me if you want autotrader!)
Save your money and advertise it in a local paper or anywhere else.....and if you come across their customer service....ask them if theyre sales or customer service....I dont think they know.

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