Autotrader are a complete RIP OFF!

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“Autotrader are a complete RIP OFF!”

Written on: 11/09/2011

Autotrader are a joke, their customer service is terrible and their general attitude towards their VERY valuable customers stinks. The prices are past the point of rediculous, they keep putting them up without notice and are VERY quickly making themselves unpopular with motor traders - Who account for around 90% of their business. It is actually cheaper to advertise with them if you're a private seller, not exactly reward or thanks for your loyalty over the years eh?! I am a small trader (Like most advertising on there) and currently give around 10% of my companies profit to them - Just to advertise a few cars each month! They actually cost me more than my mortgage each year and for what?! They get fussy with you over every litte detail on your advert and yet still there are more scammers than genuine customers plaguing sellers. The only reason I can't take my £6000 each year elsewhere, is because they are currently a good place to get a reasonable price for the unusual cars I deal in. The moment I have a viable choice I'M OFF and I'm positive I'm not alone!!! I just can't wait for the day they have to call me to beg for my business - Just you wait Autotrader, your time will come as soon as someone decides to take a piece of your £300,000,000 a year industry - Everyone will leave and I for one would like to be the first to jump ship you bunch of rip off merchants!

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Cartrade's Comment

Written on: 16/11/2012

I coundnt agree more!!!!every year they increase the price more and try to justify it by creating features on the site that you could do without but dont have the choice to drop,i pay £2500 per month which is more than my showroom lease and mortgage!!!!!i advertise the same cars on ebay for£170 per month id dearly love to stop but so hard to pull away, if a viable alternative came up id drop them like a stone!!!!even though the advertising does work they are getting so gready i may be forced to pull out!!!what it needs is all us traders to get together and sort it out!!!

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