Cancelling a policy can cost YOU more than you are owed!

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SouthHeathen's review of Carole Nash Motorcycle Insurance

“Cancelling a policy can cost YOU more than you are owed!”


written by SouthHeathen on 10/06/2020

I have had policies with Carole Nash for decades, but on finally selling my last motorcycle, I called them to do the right thing and advise them that I was cancelling the policy.


They charged me MORE to cancel it than I was owed!
Now I know insurance companies have a lot of shady stuff, exclusion clauses, additional charges etc. but this felt like grabbing a "final pound of flesh" as I went out the door.

I can't do much about it, other than warn others to 'think very carefully before cancelling a policy... it could... amazingly, cost you more than they owe you!"

Davesullivan's Response to SouthHeathen's Review

Written on: 30/07/2020

Exactly the same happened to me today. I called to cancel as i had sold my bike and they said there was a £50 charge. As i'd paid annually there was £15 credit but i had to pay them £35 to cancel my cover.

Bandits !

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17James17's Response to SouthHeathen's Review

Written on: 30/11/2020

And still they play this game. I cancel, they owe me 30-odd but the cancellation fee is £50.00, so please can they have some more money to cancel the policy on a bike I no longer own! An 'admin fee' in 2020? That'll be for all the handwritten documents that have to be put in envelopes and franked and mailed out I suppose. Perhaps the 'admin' fee will get binned once email catches on...

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