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SCOTTBALENTYNE's review of Mortgage Matters Direct



written by SCOTTBALENTYNE on 02/02/2019

Please be aware of using this company!! mortgage application date - 22-12-2018 the only reason we chose to use this man  as a mortgage advisor is that we had been viewing properties via ward and partner, and they had recommended us using him as he had fantastic deals and service... How incorrect they where. when first applying for our mortgage with the adviser we had a 2 hour set up meeting, where we discussed our financial position, salary, employment history, address history …. Etc etc, to the point where i had disclosed information reference an old debt that i had to have cleared up and that i was worried this may have been an issue towards getting a mortgage, i have also offered to supply a certificate clarifying the debt was removed and satisfied. the adviser then asked me to provide a credit check there and then, which had came back at 998/999, and he had agreed he had no doubt in our application at all. we then get a mortgage in principle with halifax, and find as well as put an offer on the property, all surveys had been completed and we was all green lights! this is where it all begins..... 5 weeks later, after various phone calls, emails, text messages to the adviser, as you are never able to get hold of the man for many reasons such as annual leave, off sick, to busy with other client, to the point where you would ring the guy, and he would instantly text message you stating he is busy and would give you a call back when he is free... … nothing.... after further chasing as fustrated, the adviser came back stating that the underwriter has offered a reduced loan of 15%, due to an adverse in the credit history, but that he was going to appeal this decision, as he felt it was unfair that they had accepted both the mortgage in principle and mortgage offer, as well as taking a £200 fee to perform the survey. i again hear nothing back from him, and when i do establish contact with his office, he tells me that he thinks we should do a new application with tsb, as he believes we was "not getting anywhere" with halifax, and that time was ticking for us. i then take the opportunity to ring halifax direct myself to find out what is going on as i felt worried that they never came back from the appeal. i was then told by halifax that during the application for a loan, there had been on two seperate occasions incorrect information applied on the address history, which the adviser has not applied correctly. and that noone has proceeded with an appeal, so they had provided me an email address, and told me to get him to email confirming he had input incorrect information onto the application. fustrated and furious i had rang up the office and was put on to the area manager, as i complained that the adviser is never contactable as he was again off sick, and that all information told to us by him was factually incorrect, and that he had made errors on our application. the manager then agreed to go away and come back once he had investigated further into this. when recieving a call back from the manager, he had then confirmed that the adviser had made 2 seperate errors on the address, and that he had ammended these, which is why the loan had come back from halifax as restricted and reduced to 35%... …. This is a further 20% ontop of what was told to us by the adviser.... He also provided me with the following statement … "i just thought i would let you know that the reason the adviser is hard to get hold of, and taking lots of time off, is that he is currently going through a divorse with his wife, and that he may have made this error as his mind is not in the right place" firstly, why a line manager would disclose such personal information to someone about his colleague is beyond me, and simply shocking. but secondly, if this is the case than why is the adviser even attending work?? the manager then confirmed that when the adviser returns to work today, he would email confirmation that he had made a mistake on the application so we could apply this to our appeal to halifax. how very wrong the manager was... as when recieving an email from the adviser, he had contridicted everything he has ever said or told us, and infact, instead of simply apologising for the mistake he had made, and that it was an error that he would not make again, he persisted on challenging everything that was said, and stated that we infact was declined from the very beggining, and that the reason for the reduced loan was not because of the mistake he had made, but infact because of a ccj on my file that we are unaware of... ….. Yes thats right, a mortgage advisor, who doesnt advise you with the fact there is a ccj apparently on our file, although having various contact with us over the last 7 weeks. as well as all of this, the wording and context in which the email has been written is very unprofessional, patronising, and made out that everything is everyone elses fault but himself. and after mentioning twice in two seperate emails that i wanted to cancel my services with him and cancel any open applications, he answered back with that it wouldnt matter anyway because we was declined for any loan.... thankfully, being 2019 and having the fantastic technology we have, all calls between myself, the adviser and the manager had been recorded, as well as all email and text communication on file. because of this, it had made it pretty clear that we had been mislead and provided different/false information from the very beginning. personally, i would not recommend this company nor the adviser as a mortgage advisor to anyone, as this case has been made into a complete mess. And i will be proceeding in taking this case to the ombudsman to investigate how this individual operates.

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Tracey2362's Response to SCOTTBALENTYNE's Review

Written on: 07/03/2020

Sadly I hear this all too often! It is a shame because most of us advisors are genuine and will do everything in our power to ensure best advise and outcomes are achieved. The few bad ones give us genuine advisors a bad name! Makes me so angry as we work very hard to get our qualifications and we are so highly regulated by the FCA! I hope you get a fair response and manage to sort your mortgage x

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