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“Do not be tempted by the high offer. AVOID AT ALL COSTS ”


written by snibble17 on 01/03/2018

So I went with this company because it offered me the highest amount for my galaxy S6 (£137). My phone was received the next day after posting and I received an email confirming this with an account login so I could check the progress of my order. My phone was received at 10am so I thought I would receive payment at the end of the day. This did not happen, neither did I receive an offer of payment. Basically a condensed version of the hellish 10 days went something along the lines of this... no contact from them for days at a time and when they did it was very much a cut and paste job from the previous emails. Being offered £100 for my phone that was in near perfect condition as it had been in a case from when I purchased it because of slight scruff marks, no evidence provided of this when I asked for it. Finally getting a revised offer for £120 which I accepted as this was how much I could receive from other companies. After accepting the offer, received another cut and paste email telling me they had revised my offer. The final glimmer of hope of being paid on time squashed after 3 days from me accepting the revised offer. Finally received payment on the 10th day. My ordeal might be short compared to others but it was still incredibly stressful. AVOID AT ALL COSTS and if you do fall into the same trap of the lure of the highest offer like I did, do not wait to get in touch with them, use the email address and don't bother with the costly 0871 number and email them EVERY day, do not let up, do not accept the inevitable low first offer and keep at them! I doubt that if I did not email them every day that my ordeal would still be going on to this day. I wish anyone using this company the best of luck because you're going to need it!

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