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“Worst experience ever”

Written on: 28/06/2013 by worst_unlocksamsungonline (1 review written)

Would recommend to stay away from this company, when searching for a specific model I searched with exact model number.
Their search engine returned exactly one result which I purchased and then it didn't work so effective I didn't use their unlock. After contacting them they refuse to refund me even though I didn't use their product at all since it doesn't work!!!

I'm happy that I paid through paypal so now I'll be able to claim my money through paypal.

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Unlocksamsungonline's Response to worst_unlocksamsungonline's Review

Written on: 30/06/2013


Yes I remember you, let me make it visible to everybody.

You searched for S7560M, our search, like any other 'search' engine in the world returns the closest related results of your search which in your case was: S7560 which is VERY clearly stated. (see image). Then if you click the link it is even bigger and more clear.

So then we offered you 2 solution:
- a partial refund as per our refund rules
- an product upgrade to unlock by codes (as this is the only solution in the world to actually unlock this model)

You refused and started making threats about Paypal disputes and charge-backs. We invite you to open a Paypal dispute and let them decide who is in his right here.

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Worst_Unlocksamsungonline's reply to Unlocksamsungonline's Comment

Written on: 01/07/2013

A. You lie since when I contacted you first time you just blamed me and that's it:
"Nowhere on our website and neither in our software we claim to support S7560M.. you are selecting S7560 that is not the S7560M.

We list all version separately because they are different, also technically.

To unlock your model you will need to upgrade to unlock by codes which does support your model

When I asked for refund (no threats) since if the model # is not correct you shouldn't return even 1 result since you are misleading, your response was:
"No you need to read properly. Like any search engine it provides you results of a search. A search result displays the closest results to your search term. That is how search works, even google does. Also the title of the search result clearly stated S7560 and not S7560M.

Our refund rules

I can offer you a partial refund deducting 4.47 euro administration costs. However you can also just upgrade to unlock by IMEI, as that is the only way you can unlock your phone anyway."

So let's put in the review have everyone judge by them selves if its a good and honest customer service.

B. You upgrade option would have cost me more money, no? instead I got the code from cellunlocker for only $8, less than your "upgrade" option and it was fast and easy.

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Unlocksamsungonline's reply to Worst_Unlocksamsungonline's Comment

Written on: 02/07/2013


You agree to the refund rules when you buy the product. If you don't agree with those rules then don't buy.

Also yes I told you it was your own fault; simply because it is!

The name of the model is clearly mentioned there and if you click that link it is mentioned even bigger. It is NOT our fault you do not read.

I offered you 2 solutions as per our refund rules. Either the upgrade where you pay the difference between the product you bought and the unlock by codes product (no extra costs), just pure the difference no more no less.

And you responded with threats

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Worst_Unlocksamsungonline's reply to Unlocksamsungonline's Comment

Written on: 03/07/2013

A. When I search on a website with exact model number I expect it to return the exact result and not something similar and here is YOUR FAULT in how you set the search engine parameters and not the the CUSTOMERS' MR I" BUILD AWESOME PRODUCTS".

B. I didn't threatened I just stated its not acceptable and that I'll contact PayPal or my Credit Card company to get my money in FULL and NOT BE DEDUCTED MONEY OR PAY MORE MONEY TO A COMPANY (I won't throw
good money after bad money).

C. I used CELLUNLOCKER and paid $8 which is less than even the "just pure the difference no more no less" and the service was fast and easy and my cell was unlocked. This is value for money.

D. ANYONE that wants to reverse a transaction from this company just call the credit card company request transaction reversal stating the date and sum of transaction.
Explain that their product didn't work and the company doesn't want to reimburse you in full.
The transaction will be reversed and this merchant will incur reversal fees which are higher even than the transaction. This is provided as a service to the public.

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Unlocksamsungonline's reply to Worst_Unlocksamsungonline's Comment

Written on: 04/07/2013

Let me guess you are one of those person that goes through blaming everyone and everybody for all mistakes and bad things that happen in your life right?

I feel bad for you not understanding how to properly read the information presented on websites and just buying stuff without actually reading. Must be a hard world for you.

Go write an complaint email to Google as well according to your their search engine is flawed as well, perhaps you get lucky there with some reply.

"Give me my money back or I will
- do charge back
- complain about you online
-etc etc

Now if that is not threatening that what is?
Again I feel bad for you, you have to go through life this way. Hope you find some happiness some day.

Perhaps I should send the amount 14.95 Euro to a good cause like 'lost puppies' or something like that. Would be a nice gesture I think.

Or perhaps better I send it to some conspiracy organization better suite you.

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Worst_Unlocksamsungonline's reply to Unlocksamsungonline's Comment

Written on: 04/07/2013

Well you admit this was my money, so there is still hope for you.

Thanks for your concern but I'm fine and pretty happy, I just don't like cheaters hence my beef with you.

You can donate the money to lost causes like your site.

You can't give proof to anything you say so you try to hide behind sarcasm and long and tiresome posts.

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