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Asked by malaloy on 16th July 2014 Report this content
How do I get a hold of a customer service person to walk me through this process?

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Answers (4)
Report this content LT13ISME Written on: 17/07/2014
Not sure of customer service but the process is fairly easy. The main thing to be aware of is the time that the unlocks are performed. There are two spans of time that the unlock provider will remote access your phone and complete the unlock. On android based phones the usb debugging option has to be activated first. Under the "about" section of settings menu is the "build number display". This is grayed out as not to select but selecting 10 times will unlock developer options. Open this menu and turn usb debugging on. Download the remote access program provided by the unlock company and follow instructions received via email. After purchase of unlock all instructions should be sent. It worked great for the phones I had unlocked and the service was excellent. Hope this helps.
Report this content jayalex2014 Written on: 17/07/2014
First time I came across this company and I wish I had done it before. when I found them, I had been to two other cell phones unlocking websites to unlock an Android, neither of them solved could calculated the unlock code. One the other hand, this company has a great customer service as I got several emails from them letting me know about the process of calculating my unlock code, finally and in a very short period of time, they provided me the exact unlocking code. Thanks to them, I'm able to use the use my cell phone with any carrier. Most of all, if your code doesn't work, they refund your money back. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm sure the company will guide you through the necessary steps to unlock your cell phone. If any help, please provide brand and model to show you step by step once you have unlock codes. If not sure, don't try, as too many unlocking tries may make your phone useless. Thank you for contacting reviews center.
Report this content Amber30 Written on: 17/07/2014
There is an online program listed on the website.Which is daily from 10 am est to 4 pm est.And if they are not available you can always send an email and they are replying in max 1 day.The link where you can find all the ways to contact them is on their website. I recommend their services! Hope this helps ;)
Report this content Sheady83 Written on: 18/07/2014
They are only online during there online program hours which you will find if you click the "online program" link at the bottom of their web site. If their online at the time you buy your unlock if it's a online unlock and not a unlock by IMEI that you purchase, they send you everything that you need to do in a email to get things setup for them to do the unlock over the pc using the usb cable... just send them a email through their contact form on the web site asking any questions or concerns you have and they will respond back as soon as they can... I use them all the time and their awesome for support to get everything working for you!
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