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“Out for what they can get”

Written on: 11/01/2014

After sending my phone to them they replied with a £55 reduction as they claim it was 'Water Damaged' is certaly was not and I can 100% confirm that was the case when posted. I decided to accept because by the time I got it back, put it in eBay and waited for payment then posted it it was just far too much hassle. Then I receive an email stating my payment would clear 9 days later. This is absolutely ridicules and would never have agreed if I knew that. This is even more insulting when on their website they have clearly stated "Fast Payment", not my mind and you really know how to make customers angry, I will just use Mazuma next time, who I have used in the past without problem. Well done envirophone for very poor customer service.

Envirofoneuk's Comment

Written on: 14/01/2014


Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

All mobiles have a marker/sensor inside the handset. If this sensor has changed colour it shows that the phone has been in contact with moisture. This can be caused by a number of things and the phone does not necessarily need to have to be submerged in water.

Due to the huge volumes of phones that we receive in January, our payment times have been put back slightly. We apologize for this and assure you that they will be put back to normal shortly.

We hope that you will consider using Envirofone again in the future.

Many Thanks


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Kirsten_K's Comment

Written on: 28/02/2014

This was similar to my complaint - I am always exceptionally careful with my phones and can guarantee mine did not come in contact with water. It was a work phone and remained permanently in my home office. In the process of discussing my issue with Trading Standards as after reading these reviews I am utterly convinced your company is running a scheme. Surprising how the vast majority of those posting reviews on here have had their original competitive offer reduced!

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Mgreenfield7's Comment

Written on: 04/03/2014

This is the same as mine too !! And it's March now they say 10 working days for "fast" payment will never use again

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Suzy1979's Comment

Written on: 06/03/2014

Poor show Envirofone. So many poor reviews on here and on other review sites saying the same thing - people being offered less than quoted price for their iPhones, because you have allegedly found a fault i.e. water damage. I'm sure NOT all iPhones will be water damaged and I sincerely doubt you check all phones, when everyone is saying the same thing. I dare someone to send a brand new iPhone to see what you come back with - I bet it's the same outcome after it's been in your hands. You might as well only over 'half the cost' of the phones from now on, instead of trying to draw custom by offering a better price than your more professional competitors, because it certainly doesn't look like you have given customers the full value any time recently.

Let's see what Trading Standards has to say shall we? :)

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Chrisjlane's Comment

Written on: 14/03/2014

'Due to the huge volumes of phones that we receive in January, our payment times have been put back slightly. We apologize for this and assure you that they will be put back to normal shortly' (14/01/14)

I can confirm this is no differant in the middle of March (13/03/14) and it is 11 days for me.

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Pietjep's Comment

Written on: 07/02/2014

I had the same experience yesterday... I don't trust them!!!! The make a lot of money by telling us that the phone has moisture damage. But I sold it to them, because I am sure that if I would have asked them to send it back to me FOR SURE the phone has moisture damage, but not caused by me.

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