Mercedes Benz S Class

Introduction To Mercedes Benz S Class

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloons have a tradition of market leading performance, luxury and safety stretching back to the mid 50s. The world's best-selling high luxury large saloon the S-Class is especially notable for its many ground-breaking safety features over the years, a tradition which continues to this day. The first airbag and electronic stability control are just two of the S Class innovations over the years. Offered with V6, V8, V12, petrol and diesel powertrains as of 2007 there is only a saloon version, although coupes have been made in the past. The Mercedes-Benz CL is the coup alternative of the S-class.

Historically, the S-Class is also famous because it has been made without any restrictions on cost and in turn has been marketed as a vehicle engineered like no other car in the world. Latest models do continue to offer an exceptional quality even by Mercedes standards including high performance AMG sports models - powerful yet quiet engines, class leading suspension and safety just some of their attractive qualities. The name S-Class derives from Sonderklasse, German for Special class. The term was used colloquially for many years in recognition of the exceptional features of the range but was only officially applied in 1973 with the launch of the S-Class W116 model.

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