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“No repairs offered”

Written on: 15/07/2013

Five and a half years ago I bought a really nice Tripp suitcase. It is still in immaculate condition, looks like new. Very study. BUT - one of its wheels is losing its rubber.

I rang Tripp. It is no longer under guarantee. Fair enough.
All I wanted was to know where to take it to have the wheel repaired.
They couldn't tell me so I won't be buying another Tripp.
They can't even tell me what kind of an establishment I need to go to to have it repaired.

I did think if I ask at the garage for a piece of old tyre I could stick it onto the core with super glue (or get them to do it for me!)? Or maybe a bicycle shop? Or what? Must be something I can do. I'm not throwing away an expensive suitcase for want of a bit of rubber.
I'll go to a DIY place and the local hardware.
Other people must have wheel problems.

Now I have to spend hours and hours on the computer doing masses of research when I am sure Tripp must know the answer.

Same old story - only interested in selling things, not in helping!

That's it!!

Bnil's Comment

Written on: 25/07/2013

I have a similar problem... my Tripp case was bought in 2011. It lost a wheel and the casing around the wheel somewhere along its last journey. Tripp's rep told me that it is not their problem as their guarantee doesn't cover wheels when in transit and they have blamed the airline.

On eBay I noticed you can buy a wheel but not the casing. Perhaps you can check that out.

Any ideas anyone for a replacement wheel and casing would be much appreciated?

I agree totally what a waste of money throwing out a case just because it lost one of its wheels.


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Trippluggage's Comment

Written on: 20/08/2013

Thank you for your review.

Unfortunately we currently do not supply spare parts for our cases. Our wheels and handles are not standard across all collections - different collections have different design of wheels and they can change in design/construction throughout the lifetime of a collection. This makes it very hard to provide all of the parts for all of our current and past collections. In addition to this we would require all of our members of staff in our Debenhams stores to be trained on replacing the parts successfully in order to ensure there are no further issues.

I appreciate your frustration and I will of course pass your comments on to our product team as all of our procedures are continually being reviewed to ensure that we are offering the best possible service for our customers.

Kind Regards

Tripp Luggage.

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Anneschiffer's Comment

Written on: 17/01/2014

I have the same problem. Only when I purchased my suitcase(s) at Debenhams (Leeds) about 5 or 6 years ago I had a lengthy conversation with the sales rep explaining that I didn't want to buy a product with built in obsolescence. I wanted something I would be able to repair anticipating the wear and tear of wheels. He shrugged it off explaining that Tripp offer such great quality they last a lifetime. Of course I knew he was just trying to make his sale. However, I find your comment that all sales staff would have to be trained to change wheels a poor excuse. You could start with training them all to be honest! Then you could work with your designers and supply team to creating an integrated system that allows for products to be repaired - a service for which you can charge whilst reducing the waste of valuable resources.

In my opinion, the fact that the issue of changing wheels appears under 'frequently asked questions' on the Tripp website is a strong indicator that you should do something about this!

I shall write this complaint in an email to you, so you can respond to me with suggestions directly.

Kind regards

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