It's a Scam -- Be Careful (Extensive Review)

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“It's a Scam -- Be Careful (Extensive Review)”

Written on: 07/04/2012 by LogicalFAQ (2 reviews written)

I think this price is a scam. In fact, I've written a rather comprehensive review of the company. Read it all if you want, but skip down to the end for an overall review. :)

Firstly, there are some extra costs you have to consider. There's the £7.99 cost on postage and packaging. No matter what you buy, you'll always pay that amount for the p&p. Then, to actually get in touch with them you have to call a premium rate number which costs about £1.53 for the entire call and an extra amount for each extra minute (varies on provider) So, you have to be quite quick to avoid those hefty charges.

Ask yourself, “Am I really getting a bargain?” £9.52 is you pay separate to what you're actually buying.
If you observe the show carefully, there are a lot of techniques used to really sell their products to the consumers. The presenters use the viewer's desires and bend them around to sell the product, and sort of guilt them into buying it.

I don't really know about much of the marketing rules and allowances, but it certainly seems that there is a lot of exaggeration, time pressure, etc. Although I appreciate this has to be done in order to sell what they’re giving away, instead of a droll, bored tone that doesn’t excite the viewers, there should be limits to what they can do when selling products like this.
In order to convince the viewers that they’re getting a good deal, they have to do all of the above in addition to continually changing the price. Let’s say they put the price at £100, and then, a few minutes, later it drops straight to a £1. People think, “What a deal! I’m saving £99!”
Time pressure is quite a clever technique, because it tells the viewer, "You only have (x) amount of time to buy (y) product. There's only (z) left of them, and I have to get my call in immediately." Essentially, that's what people are fooled into doing. That sense of the clock ticking puts it into effect on how we need to act without pause, because with such a slow price, and such a bargain, we’d lose out. It’s so simple, yet so easy to get people out.

For the sceptical people out there, they'll be thinking, "How do they make money by selling a product at such a low price? Aren't they losing money?" These are questions I've asked myself, and then it hit me.
Remember the phone line costs earlier? They have so many people calling in, that they make money from the extreme price they put it at the start as well as the extra £1.53 connection charge. So, even if you don't manage to get one of them you still lose £1.53. Understandably, they don't want people ringing the number and agreeing to pay for it when they get the call later and changing their mind. Basically, potentially buyers, falling for the scam, lose their chance to buy whatever product they're advertising. However, they’re more than happy to lose one caller because they’ve been compensated for their losses.

On the topic of costs, they are really good at scamming people. Seriously. Earlier on, I saw a product that they only had 30 of to give away. The presenter quickly builds up its description, and then exclaims the phone number. What people forget about is how premium rate numbers cost more, and the small print is barely visible (older viewers will be conned into the whole sham without knowledge of the additional cost, due to obvious reasons). Nevertheless, everyone calls in all at once and then only 30 people get in. Do you see what they’re doing here?

Just now, I saw a product that was sold at £9.99. Looking online, I found the same product with FREE delivery (meaning no £7.99 cost for p&p) and for £6. Doing the math, you would pay £19.51 in total with (cost of product, p&p and phone line charge) Online, though; you'd pay just £6. What's the difference? £13.51! You would lose £13.51! You could buy about 3 of the same product for 1 from It’s truly an outrageous scam.

Do your research first! If you want to know if you’re getting what you pay for, check! The name of the product is always displayed on the screen somewhere. Use your laptop, iPhone, whatever! Do a quick Google search for the price you would get it online, adding up other additional costs.

--------------------------------The Verdict--------------------------------

Conclusively, is a scam. Sometimes, on the odd occasion, they might sell one product that you could get a bargain on. The majority of the time, you should expect to be at a loss. Don’t be hassled by them, because they do know how to trick people into buying their product. There are three costs you’ve got to think about, if you do decide to buy from price-drop. First, the cost of the product. Can you get cheaper online? Second, the price for postage and packaging. It’s £7.99. Some websites offer free delivery. Finally, the cost of the call is £1.50. After checking with all of that, are you still really satisfied with paying such an extortionate price rate? Please don’t fall for it, because you can get better. Ultimately, the only good thing the channel truly offers is ideas on what to buy. Other than that, it's absolute rubbish.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this has helped!

Disclaimer: My views are based upon the time of publication, and differences which are subject to change shall not hold me liable for the use of outdated numerical, statistical or other sources of information stated in the aforementioned piece of writing.

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Guest's Response to LogicalFAQ's Review

Written on: 30/06/2012

Unfortunately I have bought from them,a pro warmer health grill,it arrived broken & scratched,with broken pieces of the grill in the plastic bag,I am out of pocket to the tune of £20.98,which is the actual cost,plus p+p,plus cost of two recorded letters sent to them,which they ignored the first letter and has taken them nearly a fortnight to telephone me only to say I have to send the item back recorded delivery,which probably I won't get the money back for that either,I have threatened to take them to the small claims court,but after reading all these reviews,I'm not as confident now,so at the moment I am down nearly £21.00 and left with a damaged health grill,something has to be done about this company,if anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful,maybe we should all gang up on them together,I'm considering the papers,but not sure how to go about it,so any ideas.please.

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Sandy27's Response to LogicalFAQ's Review

Written on: 30/11/2012

Great review. I'd say your review counts for all the shopping channels. Always makes me laugh how they pretend everything they taste is unbelievably nice. What do you think happens with all the stuff returned under their 14 day guarantee, do you think they repackage and send to different customers as new? If that's the case then technically you'd always be buying second hand recycled stock..

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