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JR Ultra 8000 Juicer
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Latest Reviews

“Amazing juicer”


written by Galant-R on 26/07/2021

Its a amazing juicer. They also provides great customer services.

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“I love the Juicer”


written by Williamsonkr287 on 05/04/2021

I love the Juicer and the technology used. I always recommend JR Ultra.

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“2 step auger”


written by ladybug12 on 17/12/2020

Its 2 step auger design helps to get more juice squeezed than before. We get thick and delicious tasting juice.

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“Amazing product.”


written by aaroneast on 08/09/2020

I bought this juicer 1 year ago. Amazing product. I'm very happy with this Juicyretreats.com company.

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“Extremely Happy”


written by Floyd469 on 31/07/2015

I actually bought the JR 8000S about 4 or 5 months ago and decided to write a review because I am extremely happy with it. In the time I have had it it has been brilliant and I am certain I have seen an improvement in my health due to the juicing regime I am on. I juices every type of food extremely well and I am extremely happy with the way it juices leaves which my previous juicers struggled with. The extra filters that were included for making smoothies and sorbet etc are very good. Although I use the machine mainly for juices i do use the smoothie filter to be able to add avocado and banana to my juices. Very pleased and highly recommended

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“Great Juicer”


written by amyluiks on 10/03/2015

This is a great machine, works so well and no problems with it at all. Very happy with this purchase.

Mikefisher32's Response to amyluiks's Review

Written on: 22/10/2015

Have you ever been to juicerfanatics for juicers? They are awesome and the price can't be beaten!

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“Best Juicer I've Had By Far”


written by johnisraw on 18/12/2014

In my 10 years of juicing I've had around 6 juicers, all centrifugal but one. And the masticating juicer I had, had a small chute, so lots of chopping into lots of bits, and there were lots of pieces to clean. At the time there were no masticating juicers with wide chutes as centrifugal ones had and have. I'd also read about health organisations not using centrifugal juicers because they couldn't get the desired results for their patients. Finally I knew I had to have a masticating juicer. I researched and finally was convinced by the JR Ultra 8000 Juicer. On the day it arrived I assembled it and juiced away. Without a problem it handled my first juice of apple, carrot, parsnip, raw beetroot and lemon with the rind on. Without a problem it handled my second juice of pineapple, apple, spinach and lime with the rind on. This was today so I haven't yet juiced my third. It is a pleasure to use, extremely easy, no pushing or shoving and no messy clean up afterwards. There is lots of juice and a very dry pulp. This therefore is a juicer that gives superior juice, no heat friction, easy clean up and a wide chute so little chopping to do. It's proper name is "slow juicer" but for a masticating juicer this is not slow at all. It's just fantastic in every way and with a 5 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on the parts you can't really ask for much more. I ordered the juicer from Juicy Retreats and it arrived the very next day. FANTASTIC!!!

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“Quality product!”


written by clMoreno57 on 02/12/2014

My wife and I are fairly new to juicing, so carried out a lot of research beforehand. We soon realised that slow juicers were far more superior to the centrifugal (fast) juicers. However, most slow juicers have a small feed and so require the fruit/vegetables to be cut. Given our busy lives, we saw this a draw back. However, we came across the JR-8000, which has a large feed so you don't need to cut the fruits/vegetables. Upon seeing this product, I contacted Juicy Retreats for more information. They were so helpful, answered all my questions honestly (I felt). So I bought the JR-8000. I have been using it almost daily for a month now and have absolutely no complaints! It is easy to use and clean! What is more, I have subsequently purchased three other JR-8000s for my parents, sister and my wife's parents; and recommended it to someone else who subsequently purchased it!

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“Juicing as it should be”


written by Nicholsgr314 on 18/11/2014

I have been juicing for several years on and off. I am not a juiceaholic but I do like to add nutritious juices into my daily life as I am a believer in the benefits. I have previously owned a John Lewis centrifugal model when I first started and then for the last few years a Samson which actually did me proud. Although the Samson still works I have progressed with my juicing journey and wanted to treat myself to a top vertical masticating juicer. Having looked at the other top brands I decided to go with the JR Ultra as it just seemed to tick all my boxes. Also the service and attention to detail which I received from Juicy Retreats when I inquired about the juicer was a real plus point. Having taken the decision to upgrade to this model I must say I am very happy. The time it takes for me to juice and clean the machine is much less and the whole process is far more enjoyable. I do still pre chop my food out of habit but I actually don't mind. The juicer is very solid and has a powerful (and quite heavy) motor so I probably don't need to chop as much as I do but the juice the JR Ultra makes is excellent so I want it to last. I have tried juicing most of the common fruit and veg that I can think of and I am very happy with the results. I mainly juice but have made a smoothie with the additional smoothie filter and it did actually turn out very well. I haven't made frozen dessert with the blank strainer yet to comment. The main thing I am pleased with though is that it is the first time that I have owned a juicer that has actually made me want to juice when I look at it after the initial honeymoon period is over. My other juicers have spent time being unused but the JR Ultra makes juicing much more pleasurable in my opinion. I really recommend it.

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“The best of the best...”


written by Ellenh122 on 16/08/2014

I bought the JR Ultra 8000 because I was looking for something that gives the best juice possible in the most convenient way. I have juiced for years to control my arthritis and have had some very good juicers but never one that does everything well. Well, now I have the 8000 and really think it is the best of the best. It looks great and hardly takes up any room in my kitchen which is fairly small. I juice often at unsociable times and this is perfect because it is so quiet no worries about waking people up. The juice quality is of course the most important thing for me and the 8000 performs beautifully on the note. The juice is tasty, fresh and rich in colour and never seperates and the pulp is the dryest of any juicer I have owned. The Auger is different to any other Auger I have seen its really chunky and the strainers feel really solid. It feels like it will last forever. The clean up is incredibly easy. That was important for me because my arthritis makes it difficult to clean other juicers but I just run water through the 8000 with the cap closed and then rinse under a tap it is so easy. The smoothie maker is surprisingly very good considering its not a blender I have made some really nice green smoothies and although I have only used the frozen dessert strainer a couple of times they have both tasted lovely and refreshing. The packaging was also fantastic and the Juicy Retreats service is second to none. I made a mistake on my delivery address and it was sent to the wrong place. Juicy Retreats customer service dealt with it extremely quickly I am so impressed. A fantastic juicer that I am getting such good use from and great service by the company. Highly recommended 10/10

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written by -Mark- on 14/08/2014

I have owned two juices prior to the JR8000, a centrifugal and a slow press. Both were good but this is brilliant. The fact it can take whole fruit makes this stand out from the crowd. It is so quick to use and the quality of juice it produces is excellent. Far better than the centrifugal and much quicker then the conventional slow press. It is very quiet and also extremely easy to clean. The pulp is almost bone dry and crumbles in your fingers. The machine itself is well built and sturdy and very easy to assemble. It is definitely worth spending the extra on this machine as the benefits far out way the initial cost. The customer service from JR is among the best I have encountered, I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending them and the JR8000.

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“A Truly Great Juicer”


written by Vaughnd243 on 13/08/2014

I absolutely love my new JR Ultra 8000 juicer. Its unbelievably quiet and I can't believe how much juice it extracts. I bought mine from the company website and the packaging was great and service was fantastic. Its easy to clean because the added juice cap allows water to be held inside while it rinses through. Taking it apart is very simple and then its just a case of rinsing under a tap. Its brilliant to be able to juice some whole foods and this makes it all much easier to use. I really like the styling of the juicer and the steel finish makes it shine in my kitchen. The juice quality is fantastic and the extra parts for making smoothies and frozen desserts work very well. I am very happy with this juicer and would recommend it to anyone.

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written by Murphysp1963 on 12/08/2014

I have had this juicer a week now. I wanted to give it a thorough test before reviewing. I can honestly say that this is the best juicer I have ever owned and I have been juicing religiously for 20 years.. The juicer is quiet and refined and makes an unbelievable quality juice. It really is the best looking juicer which makes the best quality juice I have had from a juicer, it is such a unique and premium style. (yes that is actually what the juicer looks like) I find it amazing when people give a low mark for style when they buy an item based on a picture where they can already see what it looks like!! Haha. (some people!! Haha) On that note, a good looking juicer was important to me because I wanted it to look good with all the other gadgets in my kitchen and the JR 8000 is actually the best looking appliance I own.  I bought this from the main company website and the service was superb, I was even able to ask them direct questions by email about juicing and they were more than happy to help. The juicer is fantastic and also so much more affordable than other whole slow juicers I had seen and comes with all the added attachments for smoothies and ice cream so unbelievable value for money in my opinion. I have juiced just about everything this week and have loved every minute of my JR 8000 so far. Quiet, durable, stylish and compact with unbelievable performance. I am very, very pleased. Top draw!!

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“The Complete Juicer!”


written by 96McGregor on 12/08/2014

The JR Ultra is superb. I did a lot of reading about juicers before buying and read nothing but good things about the JR Ultra range. Everyone seemed to love it and I was very drawn to the lovely look of it and the way it is different to all other juicers that need food to be chopped first. I use it every day like other reviews I had read I can say that it is definitely the best performing, quietest juicer I have owned. I put in whole apples, carrots, tomatoes, handfuls of berries, and piles of greens and it juices it all superbly.I have worked my way through lots of juicers to find one that performs how I want it to and finally I have found one that I am delighted with. Plus points - looks incredible (I mean seriously looks great), extremely quiet, juices absolutely everything excellently (I juice leaves regularly), ability to make smoothies and dessert is brilliant, the ability to add whole food is superb and the after service I have had has been second to none. Negative points - I'm very unhappy that I didn't buy a Jr Ultra juicer 20 years ago!! Haha As my review title says, I think this is the complete Juicer and I can definitely recommend it.

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written by KristinWebb on 11/08/2014

So expensive and so useless! I had never regret so much!

Jerabisar's Response to KristinWebb's Review

Written on: 02/09/2014

Would you mind elaborating on your review? Why did you dislike this juicer?

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“Juicing Perfection!”


written by JonathanO'Sullivan329 on 03/08/2014

The JR Ultra 8000 is just brilliant. I have recently purchased it as my old Hurom finally gave way and I wanted to upgrade to a whole fruit slow juicer. I really wanted to get a good quality replacement for the Hurom, which was also very good, so this is why I went for the JR Ultra and not a lesser brand because I need something that is going to cope with my more intense juicing regime. 

Having made several juices with the JR Ultra 8000 I can say that I absolutely love it. The juicer itself is fantastic quality. It looks great and the style is different to other juicers it looks really stylish in my kitchen. 

Juicing with the wide feed chute is great fun as I am so used to chopping up my produce first and the juicer literally chomps through anything. 

The juice it extracts is fantastic quality. I would say that the juice quality is about the same as the Hurom that I owned previously which made a great juice but the fact that I can just add the whole fruit to the JR Ultra which I could not do with my previous juicer wins it for me! 

I also think that the included attachments for making smoothies and fruit ice cream are superb. The ice cream attachment is so much fun. You put in frozen fruit and out comes ice cream!! It comes out in a bit of a strange shape but I use a spoon to shape it into a ball like normal ice cream and it tastes gorgeous. The smoothie function is a real winner though. I was really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the smoothies the JR Ultra makes. It's better than some of the personal blenders I have owned!

It does weigh slightly more than my previous juicer, but I have read that it has a top motor so this could be why and its not an issue at all anyway because the unit is really compact and it has a large handle which makes it really easy to carry and move. 

Overall an incredible juicer that I am so happy to have. It looks great, it's the quietest juicer I have ever owned, it makes a fantastic quality juice, the added features are brilliant, oh and it takes me only a few minutes to clean. 10/10 Highly recommended.

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