Please do not approach pay plan under any circumstances!!!

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“Please do not approach pay plan under any circumstances!!!”

Written on: 04/09/2012

From the start of my journey with pay plan it was a disaster! My finical assessment was wrong twice which resulted in me being presented with debt management options that were not available. Then further to this I was advised to default on my payments to my creditors, having never done so before, and was told they would contact my creditors on my behalf. They did so after but I had to chase them for several week! By which time I had occurred unnecessary interest and charges on my accounts. Further more I discovered that they had missed one of my creditors (even thought I was told by one of MANY "financial advisers" at Payplan that they had done). This then led to the debt being given to a debt recovery service (which was a very unpleasant experience).

I was then asked if there was any option to borrow money of a friend or relative to settle my debts. I did so and was told by pay plan if I had roughly 80% of the debt we could reach a settlement with my creditors but I need the money in my account as it is a very quick process. It took over a month! Payplan took so long in arranging the settlement (and it was really me who had to take action on the settlement offer as my settlements contact changed 4 times) by the time they offered 80%; my overall debt had grown which meant amount that the amount I borrowed was no longer 80% of my total debt.

Over all the service is poor. In fact I would go so far to say it is destructive! While I am sure they have must have some successes please do not be deceived by the fact they are a "charity". All this means is when the service they provide is poor and increases your debt there is NOTHING they or you can do apart from apologise and say "we will look into this and make a report".

I have never written a review before in my life yet my experience of pay plan has been shockingly bad and has placed me in the worst finical situation I have ever been in! I approached Payplan to help manage my debt that I incurred while at university (as I was self funded) and as a result their "advise" and "help" my monthly outgoings have increased and the amount I owed increased. There are many other debt management charities out there (CAP are a good one) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR YOU OWN GOOD AVOID PAYPLAN!!!!!!!!!!! Final remarks - uniformed, unreliable, ineffective. Be under no illusion you are better off doing your own research than dealing with Payplan.

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Martinpeterson's Comment

Written on: 08/10/2012

Have heard very similar comments from a lot of friends... Sounds like they know how to sell their services, but leaving many people with even more debts. Using the word 'estimate' gets them off the hook legalle. Hopefully Watchdog will make sure people no longer get fooled by their misleading advertising.

Thanks for the advice - I'll avoid this company .
(PS - Bet they remove your review, so keep checking it and put it in different places - they're doing the usual media trick of making sure good comments saturate the internet to dilute and hid the truth)

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