Would never employ someone with their qualification again!

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“Would never employ someone with their qualification again!”


written by on 26/07/2014

I've signed up to write this review as a manager of a small IT team. I'd never heard of computeach and only after the nightmare 6 months I've just had did I come here to read reviews. Reviews are from students and appear to be fairly mixed. So let me tell you about my experience as an employer so if your 50/50 on whether to go there you can make a decision.

I interviewed 3 people, all with Computeach certifications. All passed their exams with pass rates in the 90s. They interviewed very well, came across very confident in themselves and their ebilities. I'm not sure if thats the type of people they were or the result of Computeach telling them they were awesome.

Regardless I took all 3 on with entry level IT positions. What lead me to this site and to learn more about Computeach is that all had a 6 month probation period. After which I've had to get rid of all of them!!! I've never had to fire an employee before, yet alone 3 and its lost me weeks of sleepness nights. I've done everything I could think of to help them. They've driven the team mad, lost us customers, cost us thousands in replacement hardware.

I have no idea what they are teaching them at Computeach and whether this is a typical scenario. But since they scored 90% + in their exams I expected them to have a basic IT knowledge. But no, they were completely useless at every task I tried to find for them.

Case in point, my highest scoring computeach student, I allowed him to set up his own computer. I said "grab a HDMI cable from the cupboard". He replied with "Whats a HDMI cable?". I then watched in horror for 25 minutes as he tried to connect his monitor to his computer via HDMI. All the holes are shaped! Really!?!? I'm getting angry just remembering. I wouldn't mind so much if they weren't so cockey about their abilities and had their Computeach certificate thrust under my nose several times (one of them blue tacked his on the wall above his desk!).

Sorry, back to point. Next time I see a CV with a Computeach certificate its going straight in the bin!!! For the 3 individuals its been a shortcut to the job centre. Having now seen Computeachs promises, they promise 40k jobs given the right certification. I'd love to know the percentage of their students on this promised 40k. If you really believe a 3 month qualification will get you a 40k job then just click the earn £1500 a day working at home link instead and do me a favour.

My final advice as an employer is: avoid their subscription based qualifications. Do a BTEC First, AS levels, redo your GCSEs, get a City & Guilds, NVQ, help a local school or charity for free whilst you learn from a book or google. Any of the above will help you and whilst may be more expensive in the beginning, you will keep them for life, not have to pay a subscription or have them taken off you! The way to a 40k job is via proper education, studying, experience, hard work. There is no 3 month shortcut.

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Hardboiled's Comment

Written on: 23/09/2023

Sounds like you didn't test them very well to start with, your level of interviewing people sounds very questionable!

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