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MakenaPearson375's review of Computeach

“Zero Stars”


written by MakenaPearson375 on 10/03/2021

I had a Computeach Salesman visit my house, because Salesman is what they most definitely are, and give me the spiel for the course I wanted to study at the time, which was Java Programming. During this spiel, he informed me that I would have access to an online site, on site training, and various other course materials, which were 'just about to be released'. I pointed out to him that I was currently studying another course, so would like to finish that first before signing up for this one. This didn't matter he assured me, because I could begin the Computeach course 'at any time'. I signed up for the Computeach course and continued my other course. I then became sick, and so was delayed in starting the Computeach course. When I did then begin it, NONE of the online website, on site training, or other course materials promised by the Salesman materialised, or in fact had ever actually existed, and I found myself having paid £3500 for a binder and a textbook of IT terms. Worse still, when I then went to move on to the next part of the course, the charming Computeach then demanded another £750 from me, stating that I 'had not completed the first part of my course in the specified time', despite this at NO TIME being mentioned by their Salesman, and him in fact informing me of the exact opposite, in order to pressure me to sign up to the course as soon as possible, and in fact before he left my property.
When I rightfully complained about this, on that count, and regarding the content of the course, and had in fact paid a vast amount of money for virtually nothing, and even that they were apparently attempting to charge me more for, for pedantic and ridiculous reasons, Computeach sent me a bullying letter, stating that 'most students would have completed the first part of the course faster than I had', which was totally unnecessary, and completely irrelevant, since I had, as I had made it perfectly plain, first not actually been studying the course, since I was busy working full time and actually studying another course first, and had then become seriously ill and not been able to study at all, so their bullying and frankly pathetic letter was just another tactic to prevent me from either continuing my studies, and to state again, as any decent company would, that they 'Never give refunds under ANY circumstances'. I can see from the hundreds of dissatified customers online, which is not something I was able to look up previously, that hundreds of people have been treated exactly as I was, by this thoroughly disreputable company, sending out SALESMEN, pretending to 'assess' people for IT courses, when they were in fact, simply SALESMEN, trying to reach targets, by whatever means necessary, and once they had your signature on the dotted line, you were simply cannon fodder. Trusting this company was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. Instead of actually being able to study programming, as I wished to, they took the my entire redundancy payment, kept it, and refused to even give me the pathetic course they in fact offered, as opposed to the one their Salesman promised, unless I met their ransom demands for yet more money, which no one in their right minds would pay any company who had already behaved in this manner. They are, in a word, DISGUSTING, and they should be, ASHAMED OFTHEMSELVES. My life was forever changed by them, and not for the better. I will never forget the consequences of their disgusting money grabbing actions, particularly when they knew I had been seriously ill, and they were taking all the money I had and giving me NOTHING in return, and I strongly suggest that others heed my warning about this company, and ANY company associated with them, and any management or staff who willingly worked for them.

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