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“Rude & Unprofessional - Sub-standard Products”


written by LawrenceReilly on 18/09/2014

I purchased an exterior wall mounted post box for £180 from Total Safes and installed it 4 weeks ago. Since then I have been the subject of identity fraud and the thieves broke into the postbox to steal credit cards they had applied for. On inspection it became clear that anyone could break into this postbox by inserting a screwdriver at the top or the bottom of the door and levering it out as there is only one small lock in the middle. My local locksmiths said this was an inadequate lock for a door of this size. I rang Total Safes to find out how I could add extra security to the post box and spoke to the incredibly rude Operations Manager. She told me that it wasn't a safe and therefore these things would happen. I disagreed with this point and she put the phone down on me. Really unprofessional, avoid.

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Written on: 26/09/2014


Unfortunately we do not have any record of you being a customer of ours but judging by these exact comments being found on a number of other cheap and 'free for all' review sites we think we have identified you. You rang up to shout and rant at one of our operators. The phone call was ended because you refused to engage in reasonable discussion and only seemed intent on being abusive and trying to reduce someone to tears..

Regarding the product. You have not purchased an 'exterior wall mounted post box' from us. You did purchase a product several months ago but it was not for the purpose of receiving letter mail so either you are not using the product for it's intended purpose OR your gripe is actually with a different company.

If you did ring to ask about improving the security of a product you had purchased in error then we certainly would have assisted - but that is not actually true, there was no request of this kind, only abuse.

I am very sorry you were victim to identify theft and I'm sorry that the thieves broke into your external post box to retrieve the credit cards they applied for but calling up the retail company to shout and rant at the operator is not the way to go about asking for help.

It's time businesses stood up for themselves. It is a very sorry state when cheap review sites exist only to provide a platform for angry people to transmit negativity, without any concern about whether it is factual or not.

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