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Guest's review of Natur Vital Colour Safe Hair Dye


“I reacted to this product!”

Written on: 30/10/2012

I never used to react to normal hair dyes until after I gave birth! My body obviously changed and as a result, I have been reacting to hair dyes which cause swelling around my face, glands near my ears which become painful and my body itches too!

When I came across this PPD free dye, I thought my nightmares had ended!! Unfortunately not.

PPD is known to be the chemical that causes reactions in some people which may well be the case. However, Natur Vital, even though is PPD free, still reacted on my skin. It may have "no" this and "no" that within it's content, but what this product failed to mention was it still had peroxide which is the developer that you mix with the creme (I think?)

This may be what is possibily, the cause of reactions, the chemical reaction when the two ingredience are mixed together (?)

I may be totally wrong, I really don't know. I'm just too upset, as I really thought I had found the right product!!

On a good note, I have to say, the colour I used was perfect and I love it for that :-) It smells lovely too, very nice indeed.

Is there anyone out there that can recommend something pleeeeeze??!!!

I'm dark haired and tend to go for colours that are chocolatey/deep/auburnish.

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Mini72's Comment

Written on: 01/11/2012

Hello again, for those that have read my previous message, I have since spoken with an organic hair dye company called Pallete by Nature and they have told me that "The color you have used contains PTD which can cause the same allergic reaction as PPD".

So basically, even though Natur Vital say its PPD free, it fails to stress the fact that it has other chemicals in the ingredience that may also cause reactions!!


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Ppdfree's Comment

Written on: 05/03/2013

Hi, it does say that it contains PTD - it also says that there is a 50% chance that sensitive people may react to it. you should read before you try products... or review them.

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Flounder1's Comment

Written on: 08/05/2013

And I don't suppose you have the PPD allergy yourself do you, otherwise there is no way you would fight for a company that can and do get round the red tape surrounding the dangers of PPD and its sister chemicals that cause the same reactions. I hope your very satisfied with working for a company that are dangerously selling a product that could actually kill somebody, all for profit!!! and also if you read peoples comments you will see thankfully they have tested themselves, like advised and still got huge reactions.

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Armeva's Comment

Written on: 12/01/2013

Thanks to all those people who have tried this product and posted their comments, 'cause i also have problems with hair dying and i dont know what to do, i hennaed my hair but as i have lots of grey hair, it turned red orange, i dont like it at all, and i was very happy to find this product because i thought at last thats the one i needed, but know i read about the reactions and i am scared, i dont know what to do, i have hair loss of chemical colours and i dont know haow to get rid of this grey hair, how to cover it... wella colour touch is ammonia free but yet it has Phenylenediamine in it...HELP

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Flounder1's Comment

Written on: 28/11/2012

Unfortunately the more you dye your hair the more your allergy will take hold, the allergy will be for life. I hate it and cant cope with growing grey gracefully. Stop using anything that you mix together instantly, check everything and google PPD because the chemical they use in this product you are reacting to is the sister chemical to PPD so its just as bad and toxic. the only thing that ha worked for me is by LUSH and its in a henna block,. stinks vile, awful to use but the rsults are good and last about 6 weeks. Even siome henna products have PPD in its the PPD that makes the colour stay in, its on other things to like photo copier ink etc the darker the colour the more PPD is in it

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Nikkinewt's Comment

Written on: 28/11/2012

I purchased this after being told I had a ppd allergy, done a skin test on inside elbow and starting burning after ten minutes! Thank god I never put it on my hair. States PPD free! What a rip off...

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