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“Unprofessional Staff and Rude”


written by Bryannaa200 on 19/02/2016

To summarize the beautiful experience:
Reception by manager was ok against what I heard from other reviews.no credit card used (maybe that was the magic 'Chess Move')only used cash card.
Equipment state of the Art (if not occupied by overbooking with memberships at certain times of a Day).

Second Visit after receiving my Code Card (5 months one not bearing any Photo ID). Present Card to the reception Lady. Looking at her PC she finger pointed at me...hi,hi,he,he (laughing at me with pointed Finger so everyone in the Line could watch),is this you??.. I had no view to the PC Screen,maybe they placed any joke Picture in the Place Holder of the Client's Photo. Hello Sir,good Day or such my A@@..did not occur to her.
Mindset of an 8 year old Child with Zero Training or Job Briefings.I maturely tried to eat it pretending not being touched by all that.Did not want to ruin my workout.
Steam Bath: very good until a guy stood up went to the wall and started to make movements under his towel wrapped loose around his hips. People started to leave and I realized..'this Pervert masturbated!!'..joined the Club of leaving people on the double,unbelievable!
Managed to get hold of a free Machine and started my 5x5 set Routine with Rests between of the pretty standard 1 mins. A PT with his customer on another machine in Front approached me after 2 sets when I will be finished so he can use it with his Client. Wooophs,what a professionalism,he should not ask that to a Customer as a Staff Member,its rude to give pressure on an Exercising Customer to get him off a machine (I mean I was not sitting there having an Half Hour Phone Call or such...).
between Customer maybe tolerable but not by a staff of FF. I gave him they answer that I will finish and did so. Since this that PT was harassing me with making insulting Face gestures on other visits and passed my Name to his Gang which were yelling it when I was around. Even Cell Phone Numbers were passed. My Term was about to finish anyway and I not go down to this level fighting Babies and there psycho issues. so I simply did not renew,bye bye one customer less,good work,I was thinking smiling about them.
Highly recommend not to go there. These are no Sports People believe me work-out in proper Gyms.

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