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“Studio disappoints again!”

Written on: 06/04/2013

Dear Studio,

I am writing in response to my last phone call which was made today 5/4/13 with regards to my credit report amendment.

I have recently discovered that I have a default on my credit report from your company back in October 2011, this was only flagged up when I applied for a mortgage recently.

I spoke to your customer service department with someone called [name removed] on the 17th March 2013 and discussed my concerns about the default on my credit score. I explained that the only order I placed back in October 2011 after being a new customer, was wrongfully processed twice by your company.

I explained the following to Assisstant on the phone:

I became a customer back in 2011 and ordered some personalised robes online for my wedding, the website failed and the order was not processed, I then called up your order line who told me that the order needed to be placed again,so i did this on the phone. The parcel was delivered in time for my wedding. I received no statements for payment and then I received another parcel a month later. As a result, I called up studio and explained that i only placed one order and therfore I will only be paying for the first parcel only. I was then advised that someone will be picking up the second parcel (Duplicate parcel) of which they did after a week later. The parcel was picked up by their delivery man, it was lost and then i was told that it is somewhere in their depot. In the meantime, I was still asked to pay for this through an invoice.

After several phone calls on this issue,the remaining charges were taken off my account including late payments that I incurred as a result. This took about 3-4 months to settle and close down the account. As a very unsatisfied customer I was reluctant to do business with the company and so I closed my account immediately after. I was told that this issue that had been dealt with will not affect my credit history as it was a fault on their part. During the duration of this issue being settled I made the company aware of the letters that I was receiving from the debt collectors on their behalf and was told to ignore them as this issue was being dealt with by the company. Again, I was told that my credit score will not be affected and that it was a misunderstanding on their behalf.

I was told by same assisstant (17th March 2013) that he would refer my concerns to the relevant department. He consulted with his line manager after I explained that the issue needed to be dealt with as a matter of urgency as I needed to process a mortgage application by the 3rd of April 2013. The only reason that the mortgage application was not successful was due to this default made by your company. The same assisstant told me that the relevant department will make the request for amendments with experian as he could see the notes on my account to back up my discussion. I also requested for a letter to be sent to me to show my mortgage adviser that the amendment has been requested after [name removed] told me that it would take up to 30 days for Experian to update records.

I was also told that the letter should reach me in the next 7 days and if I had further problems to call Him back the following Sunday. I waited for the letter and this was not delivered and so I called The same assisstant back on the 24/3/13. I notified him of the letter not reaching me, he then told me after talking to his manager that a request for amendment to experian had been sent, it will take up to 30 days to update, and then he also told me that his manager will be sending a second letter from their department to say that the amendments will be taking place. I waited another week and there was no sign of a second the meantime I contacted my mortgage adviser about how I will be receiving this letter so that he could process my mortgage.

I called studio back on the 2/4/13 to explain that I have been waiting for the letters and have not recieved them at all. I requested that I speak to a manager in person over the phone. A call back was arranged, someone a manager called back at 4 pm that day. I Missed her call and called back shortly after on the same day. I spoke to another adviser and was told that she had left a note on my account to say that she emailed the relevant department and is awaiting for a reply.

I waited 3-4/4/2013 to receive a call back with an update from the same manager as requested by myself the previous day, however this did not happen. I called back today 5/4/13 to request a call back from Same manager with an update again. The same manager called me back on this day, I missed her call and called her back minutes later, by then I was told she was unavailable and she had to rush to a meeting. Another adviser read my notes that she left on my account and notified me that the credit department had refused to request for any amendments to my credit record as they thought they had valid reasons for this. This result had shocked me as I was told that procedures were put in place to make the necessary amendments to my credit report, the request for this was being processed and that it would take up to 30 days for Experian to update my records.

At this point I felt utterly confused and lost all confidence in this matter being resolved in an orderly manner. I was being told various things but I was not getting anywhere to resolve this issue. The manager was not helpful and seemed disengaged when talking to her about my concerns.

I request for this matter to be dealt with urgently and taken seriously as I have secured the offer of our home and now awaiting for the mortgage to go through. This can only happen if the amendments are made to clear the default on my credit record. Failing to secure this mortgage will result in me losing the offer secure fee.If this charge is put on us I will seek legal advice to reclaim the financial loss from your company. I have made your advisers and manager [name removed] aware of this situation from the beginning.

Finally, this matter has caused me a great deal of unnecessary stress, this in turn is causing blood pressure and diabetes related problems. I am also heavily pregnant and not in a fit state to suffer further stress.

I await to hear a response from you soon.

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Written on: 18/04/2013


Im sorry to hear of the problems you have had. If you could send us an email with the above details including your account number (if you know it) and any contact details we will be able to look into this for you.

Please either email customer services directly at or by emailing and we will raise the matter for you

Kind Regards

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Michelle.mcmanus's Comment

Written on: 11/06/2013

contact expieran and equifax direct! you can sign up to free 30 day trials...then call them and explain the situation, they will be able to help, armed with your letters/emails etc you can have the default taken off yourself! i did for a tax credit over payment which was wrong....good luck xxx

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Ash81's Comment

Written on: 11/06/2013

Thanks for your comment, i eventually got it sorted by threatening to take the company to the financial ombudsman.however, It still took alot of phonecalls and time to get this done. Used tge 30 day trial to check my credit report and now i have a clean credit history. as for studio, i still recieve their catalogues and it goes straight into my bin. My bad experiences has led me to avoid all studio related products, it's a shame but i cannot bare to go through any more difficulties with them.

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