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“A great little sanctuary ”

Written on: 19/04/2013 by 4yorks (1 review written)

So I only booked two weeks at the sanctuary but I really wish id booked longer, I first arrived into port Elizabeth airport at 11am on Monday. I collected my luggage and was immediately met by Percy, the owner of the sanctuary, We had a small wait for one more volunteer to arrive then we were on our way.

It took about one hour to arrive at the sanctuary but it was a really nice, scenic drive through PE, past the beach front.

On arrival at the Sanctuary I was taken straight to the lodge to which I found out I would be sharing with two other people, a German and Australian guy. I made friends with them straight away and we are now pretty good Facebook friends.

Now in fareness, the sanctuary is in a pretty remote location and its not really possible to go into town on a night, its around 1 hour from PE and 45 minutes from J-BAY, However you do get most weekends off to go into town. I met a group of friends and on weekend we went into jeffreys bay, there is loads of shops and bars, we stayed in a hostel called island vibe, its £7 a night so really cheap, it only costs 50 Rand each way (a little over £3) so its extremely cheap.

Back at the sanctuary, you have a weekly rota and you usually switch between feeding and projects. Feeding is exactly what it says, you go into the cage and feed animals but its never the same animal, so you get a bit of variety. Projects means you do various projects around the park, when I was there I helped to build a fence and a new animal en closer, its really rewarding work knowing you are helping the animals and giving them somewhere to live.

You get three meals a day, breakfast at 8.30, Lunch a 12.30 and tea 18.30, but there is also a shop to buy drink, snacks ect, they are all reasonably priced and you pay weekly,

There is loads of activities to do on your days off, you can go on safari at Addo and Schotia Private game reserve, which is 1200rand, they pick you up, provide lunch and tea, and drop you back off, overall its great value for money, also you can go to the bungy bridge which costs 1050 rand including transport so very cheap.

I highly recommend the animal sanctuary but you need to stay for at least a month as there is loads to do and two weeks wasn't enough for me

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Clwade's Response to 4yorks's Review

Written on: 02/10/2013


I am interested in the Wildlife Sanctuary project in South Africa with Gap360.

Would you recommend this project?

Is there any tips/advice you could give if you were to do this project again?

Currently trying to gather as much information/advice as possible prior to booking.

Thanks in advance.

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4Yorks's reply to Clwade's Comment

Written on: 03/10/2013


When are you thinking of going?

As I stated earlier. the sanctuary is in a pretty remote location and getting out on a night isn't really possible. You will need to make sure you have the bare essentials as nipping to the shop isn't really possible.

Firstly, you will meet a variety of different nationalities, its mainly Europeans but you do get people from all over the world. As for the sanctuary its self, id defiantly recommend a good pair of walking shoes.

In the game park, its all very much off road and uneven ground. You do get to see some impala, zebra and giraffe that live there, which is amazing.

Id recommend you leave your self an extra week after finishing the project to travel around south Africa.

I flew to Johannesburg, spend the first night there then flew to PE the following day. I spent 2 weeks at the sanctuary and spent another week traveling around the country.

Their is literally loads of activities to see and do.

I highly recommend addo and scotia game parks where you will see the big 5 five, Lion, Elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhino.

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Clwade's reply to 4Yorks's Comment

Written on: 04/10/2013


Thanks for the reply- thats great help!.

I'm thinking of going Jan/Feb 2014 and volunteer for a month.

Did you have much hands on experience at the sanctuary?

Also one last question, the webpage states on days free choice of activities, do you have a choice each week which activities you can do or is it depended upon numbers, as I am really interested in the Elephant Sanctuary, cage diving at Mossel Bay and Monkeyland. However, if there is limit choice I may decide on another wildlife project.

Thank you!

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4Yorks's reply to Clwade's Comment

Written on: 04/10/2013

If you are going for a month, you will get 8 days off ( 2 days a week) so 8 possible activities, its only possible to leave the sanctuary on your days off because of how remote it is, as for hands on, my answer is somewhat.

some of the animals, such as the marmoset monkeys bite so you can't enter the cage,The mccoy parrots are aggressive and would probably attack you if you got too close, with 90% of the animals, you can enter the cages any time you like, for photos, to feed them or to play with them ( The serval kIttens were my personal favorite)

your rota will usually be something like this

Monday- Projects
Tuesday - Feeding Serval kIttens
Wednesday - Projects
Thursday - Feeding the monkeys
Friday- OFF
Saturday - Projects
Sunday OFF

Each day you will be teamed up with a different person, so you will soon make friends ( apart from Projects in which you are part of a Hugh group of people )

You have a bit of variety so you don't feed the same animal twice, however if you have a favorite animal, you can enter the cage when ever you like and take some photos,play ect..

As for your days off, you can let the project managers know what you would like to do ( they usually ask) and they will arrange it for you.

You can do pretty much anything you like, they will usually arrange a taxi to drop you off and pick you up, taxis in South Africa are extremely cheap compared to British prices.

Projects can be pretty hard work but its for a good cause. The only problem I'd say is how remote it is you can't leave on a night ( I was hoping to go to a local bar on a night but this wasn't possible ), apart from that is was a good little sanctuary

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