Ford Taurus

Introduction To Ford Taurus

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A genuine cult classic the Ford Taurus was ahead of its time in terms of power and style all of which combined in a spacious saloon body. Ford's initial aim with the Ford Taurus SHO in the 1980s was competing with the Toyota MR2 and other two seater light weight sports cars. So Ford collaborated with Yamaha on a light powerful engine which became known as the two seater GN 34 but unfortunately the popularity of such two-seater cars was already waning by then. So the American/Japanese alliance made a sport/luxury version of the Ford Taurus instead. The Taurus became known for their power and style so much so that even in recent years the 220 bhp still packs a powerful punch. Ford had sold nearly seven million Tauruses during its 20 year production cycle but the SHO arriving in 1989 improved on the Taurus reputation.