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“proceed with caution”

Written on: 05/07/2013

It seems like I am a party pooper or wowser as the aussies say in regards to eMoov.

When I did my research a few months ago there were no dissenting voices of all the opinions I found online, they were all agreed it was a good thing and so nice to save the estate agent's fee of 3k or more. Their enthusiasm was akin to a religious revival meeting !

However my experience is a tad different. In 3 months in Nottingham I have had only ONE enquiry. This was from a local couple who declared my house 'stunning'. The house is certainly not overpriced for what it is, and considering the area it is in.

So having paid several hundred pounds upfront to eMoov I now find myself in the position of having to market with a local estate agent who are strong in the area.

So my advice to those thinking of eselling on eMoov or elsewhere is 'buyer beware'. Check out the experience of other emove sellers in the area, and how many viewings they have had. I noticed an eMoov house a couple of miles away a few weeks back that had not sold. The last time I looked their board had been replaced by a local agent's. So I guess I've come to the same conclusion as them – the internet isn't always better. I grant it's a lot cheaper – if it works.

I also think it is disingenuous and misleading of eMoov to quote their fee as £395. The board is extra, as is the energy certificate (EPC) so when VAT is added on you are paying well over £500.

Also their board seems to be more about advertising their services as selling your house. They should consider giving free to prospective clients one of those additional signs that tag onto the board that says what is house is 'e.g. semi 3 bed extended with garage'. That way they would at least get some passing trade.

The truth is, not everyone is internet-savvy and older couples in general probably are less likely to go on the net to buy a home.

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  • Value For Money's Comment

Written on: 08/07/2013

We're sorry that the selling process didn't work out for this particular seller.

However, enquiry levels are of course dependent upon the accuracy of an asking price and despite the huge exposure that online agents like eMoov provide, no agent (offline or online) can 'buck' the market by selling a home that may be seen by potential buyers as optimistically priced.

If a buyer has not been found in three month then, inevitably, it is an overpricing issue.

We always recommend that a seller tries an asking price that they are comfortable with and then that they adjust if they do not receive the required level of interest. It's a pragmatic approach that assisted eMoov in selling £119million worth of properties last year

It is the market that decides an achievable price and over and above a seller's aspirations or that of their agent I'm afraid.

So we think it's a bit unfair to put a downer on the whole internet selling concept in this instance, especially as all estate agents find their buyers from the same place regardless (Rightmove, Zoopla etc). Hundreds of thousands of houses fail to sell via traditional estate agents each and every year unfortunately.

You will end up selling for the same figure no matter which selling route you take and, trust us, selling a property is not predicated around your home being seen in an estate agent's shop window. Your choice is whether to pay a High Street agent thousands to list you on Rightmove etc, or to pay an online agent much less to do the same.

Our fees are very transparent. They are all highlighted on the front page of our website as are our terms and conditions. All estate agents charge additionally for EPC's and all online agents ask you to pay for 'for sale' boards as their simply isn't the margin at our low fees to include one free of charge.

We maintain that even £500 is a bargain compared to the £4000 that traditional agents charge.

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Elizabethrummey's Comment

Written on: 29/08/2013

I absolutely agree with eMoov

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Georgeanne's Comment

Written on: 01/09/2015

I agree, proceed with caution. I have listed with Emoov and in 2 months have had 1 viewing! I have had no choice but to list with a high Street agent. In 2 weeks I have already had 4 viewings and another tomorrow. I can see that I've wasted £594, certainly not saved money. There is no overpricing issue as my neighbour has sold his identical property at my asking price, and another identical property is currently listed slightly above my asking price. The high Street agent I have instructed does not expectveither property to hang around unsold. When I have phoned Emoov concerned about the fact that my one viewing has cost me £594, they are not interested at all, just have the attitude that there's all the time in the world and just suggested lowering the price. Ridiculous. The business model doesn't always work like you think it will, and you could be throwing £594 down the drain.

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Olyscott811's Comment

Written on: 16/09/2015

Yeah we got the same short shrift at EMoov. They come out with the same answer to every citique, that it's all about the price. We sold ours for £1,000 under the asking price put with EMoov. We had three views with EMoov in 12 month. As soon as it went with a well known high street agent we got 4 views in two weeks..Every house I've seen with an EMoov board in our area soon changes to local agent.

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