Novel writing "course" a waste of $39.

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“Novel writing "course" a waste of $39.”


written by SirBuckosGhost on 10/05/2015

A friend suggested I buy a Groupon for Industrial Scripts' online Novel Writing Course. It was supposedly a steal at $39US rather than the customary $680US. I bought the groupon and signed up.

The first thing I noticed was that the course isn't a course at all. Instead it is a series of thirty-odd web articles. Yes, there are a few questions that see if the reader comprehended the web article. That does not make it a course.

The second thing I noticed was the horrible typos. These are typos that scream out: "I have never been published!" Why on earth would a person take advice from such a sloppy author? As an example: "you" and "your" and "you're" are frequently misused. As another example, the author speaks about "peaking your interest."

I want my money back.

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