Intensive, constructive & jolly good hard work....

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“Intensive, constructive and jolly good hard work....”


written by E1WLondon on 28/10/2013

The day was busy and very dense... a lot of material was covered and it was very informative.
Issues of construction, character and format where well exemplified.
The difficulties and heart ache of being a writer where not shied away from and you are left with no illusions about how difficult the business is.
The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars from me is simply the fact that a hand-out would have made the day a bit easier. The excerpt of 'Dark Knight' when played would have benefited from a hand-out to us of the script related to the scene. The OHP didn't cut it as it was impossible to read from the back, and the few pages that would have been given out would have been brilliant reference material for us beginners to take away.
Also a lot of time copying down the course material could have been saved with the offer of a hand-out or the chance to download the course work from a website after. It did go through my mind that a large class kept busy copying can't be asking too many questions... (which there wasn't time for anyway)!
But I did get to ask all the questions I wanted answering and the tutor was very well prepared and informed and the delivery was clear and concise.
The other not so important downer, was the less than easy booking process.
I would recommend Industrial Scripts Screen Writing for Beginners to anyone who is seriously considering writing for a living. Well worth it.

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