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“Use them....Brilliant Service....Well worth the money”


written by Seanscottgriffin on 25/10/2013

I sent my TV Drama script to Industrial Scripts, it was over the allotted page allowance (which is why I needed them to review it in the first place) and they let me send it in via the Standard Coverage Report for Feature Films service. Great.

1) They got back to me within the 10 days.

2) They sent me 6 pages of feedback and I found 90% of it exactly what was needed, I agreed with nearly all of what they critiqued and in fact was a bit taken back by the detailed analysis of the consultant, they really knew their stuff and saw every bit of subtext and homage/reference. This gave me confidence that the person reviewing was clearly very good, I have used other script consultants who missed all of the deeper elements, so it was great to finally find a consultant who firstly got the story and secondly were able to critique, this gave me a real confidence that if I follow their advice my script will improve.

The other 10% which were commented on were elements which I plan to develop further into the series (but they were not to know this). BUT what I can read into this is that I should pay attention to that questionable 10% for the viewer to understand their will be development further down the line.

3) Has given me a second wind and confidence to dramatically alter the script, I have learnt a lot from their critique, I am not a professional writer yet but do work in the film industry so I will take everything on board and I am positive that this will improve my script and me as a writer.

Use's worth the money.....I will be using them again.

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