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MrHockin's review of Safestyle UK - www.safestyle-windows.co.uk


“High pressure sales, constant harassment phone calls,...”

Written on: 15/06/2013 by MrHockin (2 reviews written)

About 6 months ago, I was in the market for some new windows so I though I'd give Safestyle a try based on a flyer I had in the post - apparently they would give me a quote, and it would still be valid until 12 months later; exactly what I needed, some time to gather more funds.

Whie I was at work, a sales rep called around and measured the windows. My other half works from home so I thought me not being there wouldn't be an issue... WRONG. After measuring the windows, the saleman refused to give my other half a quote because they could only quote while I was there too. That weekend, another rep came around, as arranged, because we're were both at home; he then started measuring the windows AGAIN, because they obviously don't speak to each other... not a big issue, but we didn't have a great deal of time so it was frustrating.

When the rep had finished measuring, he came and sat with us in the lounge and started telling us just how great Safestyle were, and just how bad their competition was - he even named them! Shocking tactics for a 'decent' company to be using, as their products should sell themselves without all the BS from the reps.

At the end of what felt like a lifetime, finally the quote arrived! I live in an average sized, 3 bed, end terrace house; nothing massive or fancy, just your average 3 bed with 7 windows, one of which is a bay. They quoted me £12000!!!!!

So, when the initial SHOCK was over with, the rep then mentioned their BOGOF offer (that's always on, so is it really an offer... I think not), and told me that my new quote would be £6500. Once again, when the initial shock was over with, the rep asked us what we were going to do; I said "nothing now, I told you I wanted a quote and that's all I want at the moment". The rep then said he had to call his manager in the office, apparently something they have to do everytime they don't close a sale. No problem, carry on.

Not more than one minute into the conversation between the rep and his 'manager', he passed the phone to ME, and said that he wanted to speak with me. Now, I won't detail the exact conversation because children might read this review, but here's the idea...

The manager firstly asked why I wasn't buying the windows today, I mentioned that I was after a few quotes, and theirs was the first. Not happy with this, he told me that I won't get a better quote, and tried to turn on the pressure sale - NOT WISE when I'm involved, it doesn't work, it makes me MAD. So the manager offered me "a deal you can't refuse" I think were his words, where basically he would have my windows installed at COST PRICE, as long as they could show other potential customers in the area how good their work was (by viewing my house); of course, I asked how much, and the reply was £3500.

I told the manager that I still wanted some more quotes, and I needed time to think it through, to which he replied with the following... "You can't go into a shop the day after a sale's ended, and then buy something at sale price, it's either now or never" to which I obviously replied "NEVER".

I threw the phone back at the sales rep, told him exactly what I thought of his 'manager', and asked him to leave my house.

How on earth can a company quote me £12000, then £6500, and finally £3500 for the same windows?? £3500 is what I was expecting at the start, before the stupid quotes and shocking sales tactics came out to play.

With the rep gone, I thought the pain was over, but oh no, how wrong was I?! They continued to phone me, two or three times a week, not understanding when I asked not to be called again as I would NEVER use their company - different sales reps each time on the phone, so again, they don't speak to each other. The calls finally stopped when I threateded them with legal action as they were harassing me. Why did it need to get that far?!

So, there's my review of a company that I think are possibly the worst in the country; don't get me wrong, their windows might actually be very good, but that's something that I'll never know for myself as I'd rather have holes in my walls than let them install windows for me.

Safestyleuk's Response to MrHockin's Review

Written on: 18/06/2013

Mr Hockin,

We would like to offer our apologies for the quoting process you experienced and would like to look into this immediately. If you can give us any further details on customer.care@safestyle.co.uk we will look into this as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
Safestyle UK

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Mrhockin's reply to Safestyleuk's Comment

Written on: 18/08/2013

You might want to refer your sales reps to the 'The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations', in particular section 6, and remind them that they're actually breaking the law, not just annoying good people who want an honest quote...

"Falsely stating that a product will only be available for a very
limited time, or that it will only be available on particular
terms for a very limited time, in order to elicit an immediate
decision and deprive consumers of sufficient opportunity
or time to make an informed choice."


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