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Asked by Shom40 on 26th April 2014 Report this content
My jack Russell terrier will only eat Bakers, would never entertain any tinned dog food and is quite fussy. I don't want to let my dog eat this any longer after reading these reviews but need to find a very close alternative. We buy him the Bakers Moist meat balls. Anyone have any advice please?

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Answers (4)
Report this content Doglistener Written on: 28/04/2014
The only animal on Earth that would commit suicide or starve itself to death is a human. Forget animals like Lemmings that was an old wives tale. In some foxhunting kennels they feed the dogs pig pellets that are horrible to eat. That is so they do not fight over the resource with the other dogs. A dog will not starve itself to death. It will eat what you give it given time. Feed the dog twice a day, put the food down leave it ten minutes. If it does not eat it in that time take it away. Feed the same amount at the next feed time, do not double it up. Dogs understand cost and consequence and will learn to eat the food you give it. Dogs are fussy because of us, we create the problem by constantly giving tasty titbits, or food that has taste enhancers that are not generally good for the dog. Dogs like baker because of the Fats and Sugars along with many other ingredients that are not good for dogs. For this dogs sake you should try and wean him off this food. I feed my own dogs (I have 7) on fish4dogs and raw. If a dog is fussy it is worth buying the salmon mousse that they manufacture, that can be mixed in with the kibble. Stan Rawlinson Dog behaviourist and Obedience Trainer
Report this content sjl2656 Written on: 28/04/2014
What's your weekly budget loads out there far better than bakers . Budget will help people recommend something in your budget :-) I have tried quite a few myself
Report this content Shiptoshore Written on: 28/04/2014
Why don't you pop to a pet shop and see if they will give you samples for him to try. Our local pet shop sell stock from the self and you could probably take him in to try. Bakers may seem cheap but in the long run, you may run into heavy vet fees if things go wrong. It is better to feed the dog food which is nutritious. Someone explain bakers to me like feeding a child on fast food burgers every day. I bought a big bag of James Well beloved and my dog eats 2 portions each day. Even the lady who grooms him occasionally said she noticed the difference in his temperament as well as his skin.
Report this content footsteps Written on: 28/04/2014
Pets at home do an own brand that is not labeled as Pets at home but has been highly recommended as it is wheat free and very good apparently it's the wainrights stuff. Our dog has been fine on it ever since we swapped. He also likes Butchers tripe but that is wet food.
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