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Molly224's review of Sky Digital



written by Molly224 on 24/09/2017

Sky are a p take .... Id had sky full package for over 4 yrs ..... Always paid by direct debit on 13th of the month , never missed ever . I HAD 2 MULTI ROOM BOXES ALSO , I went to the cashpoint late sat evening and account was missing few hundred , couldn't understand it then find it is sky , whom persisted in telling my they have done a ping test on the multiroom box and fount the box is not connected so ive been charged? after lot of stress I worked out the 'ping test' is done once per moth to assure I'm not giving these boxes to my close neighbours apparently . However I'm then told if I want the account credited with over 300pounds they took without permission from my account, They would not return funds to account how dare they , It turned out after more nonsense from them that the engineer never even fitted the telephone cable to this said sky box therefore Could not possibly connect to ping back as they called it , Cheeky ******* Still adamant not refunding it and they will only credit account and as I discovered not done correct when originally fitted by there engineer ,Still my fault they tell me , Even added that actually the engineer is not responsible to fit it , even though paid for that sky then said it is my job to fit it , they caused so much stress unnessecarily and Soley down to them , Eventually I got my money returned via the direct debit guarantee and Sky then passed me to a balliff , They got not a penny and never will . CORRUPT

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