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Greeny174's review of Sky Digital

“Sky TV/Broadband ”


written by Greeny174 on 12/08/2014

We decided to splash out when myself and my finace moved in together on sky TV/Broadband. After a rccky start and an engineer that came with hardly any tools and had to use mine and also afraid to drill a hole so I had to do it. then the problems really started. we went for the full package with multiroom thining that we would receive the best of everything.

Well. since day 1 our broadband has not workled properly and we keep losing internet altogther for several hours. Thinking we were in a bad signal area I had this checked and apparantly we are in one of the best area's. I called sky and asked for help. they ran a 24 hr line test and said they would call me back. Of course they didnt call me. So I chased them up and they said that they would have to run a 24hr test. I explained that this had already been done but he insisted that it had to be done again. I got a call back this time and was told there is no problem even thouogh at the time of the call I had no internet connection.

I also want to explain that the original set up was also wrong but thought just deal with one problem at a time.

After 2 months and approximately 15 calls getting the same response "Oh we have to run a 24hr line test" I finally got someone that said "I think your profile has been set up incorrectly" he then went on and sorted the problem. I explained that I didnt want to have to pay for a service that I was not receiveing and he promised a call back from a manager. Yes you have guessed it no reply. I wrote to sky detailing everything and I got 3 misseed calls during the working day on my home phone saying they had tried to resolve my issues but couldnt get hold of me. well like most people I work normal office hours.

When I calledfrom work I told the guy Iam sorry to be complaining but I am having issues with Sky at which point he said "really" then hung up. must admit I did think this was very funny.

After 4 months now I received a credit for £17 and I am still without a recordable Sky box in my second room.

I could go into so much more details about Sky as the service is the worst I have ever come across. Unfortunately the only they will confirm is I am stuck in this contrract for another 8 months however I will be leaving sky and using an alternative. I will never sign up to Sky again and reccomend that everyone explore the other options before choosing Sky. I have a lot of friends with Sky and a couple have never had a problem and never needed to contact Sky directly so they think its great and I hope it stays that way for them but just wait till you do hit a problem.

You just cant get anywhere with them and they do not leave appropriate notes on your file so you have to explain everything everytime you call.

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