Worst company/package EVER??? AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

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“Worst company/package EVER??? AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!”

Written on: 18/02/2013

Rejoined Sky after cancelling due to very poor customer service. I only re-joined as they had advised about 1/2 price offers. I was told it would be £42.50PER MONTH FOR EVERYTHING (Sky, broadband, and line rental). I said I would re join Sky on 6th Dec due to being told this and thinking it was an excellent deal.

My 1st bill come through approx 4 days later saying I had to pay from 06th Dec to 7th Jan when they were only installing the sky & broadband etc on 18th! (Basically paying for 2 weeks when I never had it!. I called Sky re this and it took over 25 mins being on the phone to get them to realise this and for the penny to drop! Eventually I was told I would not have to pay from 6th from 18th.

Anyway engineer arrives 18th and cant install as not processed my order or sent viewing card out. Then find out Sky have not processed by broadband order either!

Then told would be another week at least before I get the viewing card and broadband etc, so again paying for a service I dont recieve.

I then the next day get told by sky that my bill will now be £65 per month not £42.50, an increase of nearly £25 per month becuase of broadband! I explained I was quoted £42.50 all in and that this was not very ethical to agree a price and then add money to it later on.

I explained that now it was actually costing me more to return to Sky than what I was paying and I therefore I wanted to cancel. I was advised I needed to go into a 31 day cancellation process and therefore would be billed for a month at £65 (even though I cant watch the Sky or use the phone/internety as it has not been set up)and that was just the rules! I was also told I would not get my £30 installation fee re-imbused either as Sky had installed my box. I did try and explain that actually they never installed anything they plugged my box in to the plug socket and did nothing else (other than chop though my old cables and phone line ruining this!)

This has also meant that I cannot work from home (no internet/phone)and I am having to travel 120 miles round trip to the office to work!
Also tghis is costing a fortune not only in petrol but childcare as I cant take the kids to work.

I was then finally told that I would also need to take my sky box to the post office (before Christmas when the post office is packed)and return it top sky and that if I never did this I would be charged for the box! I had asked why they could not collect it.

All in all a horrendous service and unbelievebly stressful! 0/10!

at least there is a positive aspect in that I would definately NEVER ever go back to Sky again. Even if i was offered it free for life I would still rather pay £55 per month and not have the stress/hassel of dealing with idiots! Also worth noting is the fact that in order to get this resolved I have spent approx 2 hours on the phone to Sky and have had to call from a mobile which has cost a fortune!

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