Armature Non Professional insulation. I'm shocked at this

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“Armature Non Professional insulation. I'm shocked at this”

Written on: 13/06/2012

Armature Non Professional insulation

I'm almost speechless to how bad the set up and their efforts to simply fit a phone and a TV to my home.

I run a small company from home they knew that from the out set. I am a trades man. I told them I need a smooth transfer of the phone line and broadband. I even took their advice and paid extra to move it over slowly.

I then waited an extra week to make sure I could get an AM slot for insulation of the tv and phone and broad band etc. Now they don't do times as such just Am and Pm. But the sales man said he could book it a week later making sure then I have the AM slot and that would be between 7-9am perfect I can get on with my working day. I closed off 8-1pm and booked in work from 2.30pm onwards till 8pm to catch up.. I have to earn a living.

What happened they allocated my job to a guy who's wife was about to have a baby !! when did she have this baby. That morning.. very nice for them. But where does that leave me knowing I needed a smooth change over. With a man turning up at 1.45pm to start to fit the TV ( i couldn't care about the bloody TV it's my phone line I need ) so he fitted it and I had to help him because of access so I had to call and cancel two customers appointments which never goes down well..

HE then set that up.. I still had no phone line. being told by CS team it will take till midnight.. Midnight came and went and still no phone line.. I called and get told I would have to pay £165 to have BT to come round and check I had to dash out and BUY A BLOODY phone to plug into the socket to prove it is their issue ( BT ) and guess what it still didn't work.
2 days later I still have no phone coming into my house and that is 2 full days customers can't call into my house for new work !!

Sky don't care just simply saying we don't do business calls.. Great but from the VERY start I told all your sales teams I RUN A SMALL COMPANY FROM HOME AND THAT NUMBER IS WHAT I USE FOR THAT COMPANY AND IT NEEDS TO BE A SMOOTH CHANGE OVER...

" Oh yes sir of course we can do that "

I am canceling sky as soon as it's fitted and going back to Virgin. I am using my 14days cancellation period. I have also contacted my solicitor and I am currently looking to start small claims proceedings against Sky.

I have never been a SKY customer in my life EVER this is the first time I have ever been a customer of theirs and I wouldn’t recommend them in ANY WAY to ANYONE!

I'm not bending anything I have writen here to look bad against Sky I am writing the facts!! of what has happened.

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Carsaver's Comment

Written on: 13/06/2012

Just called to cancel the service, the lady was quite stand off ish on the phone. I am proffesional in my views to why I want to leave ( not shouting ( that's for yobs on the phone ) or anything just the clear facts ) she just hung up the phone.

I can't wait to leave I can't tell enough people about how bad Sky are!

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