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“Calorie counting works. ”


written by bpCochran334 on 16/12/2020

For years I have been overweight and not that bothered about it until I looked at a photo taken in April 2020 and then it hit me, I was huge. I was being medicated for High Blood Pressure which was possibly due to my weight, I had to do something and now, not next week or month or year but now.
I love that all you need to do is be honest, weigh and log everything that goes in your mouth, if you do not add something then you are only kidding yourself. Yes it takes a couple of minutes longer to sit down to eat after cooking but it is worth it.
In just a few weeks I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and nearly 24 inches, I feel better already, more active, more alert, I now want to do some exercise daily, which is all to the good.
No foods are banned, if you wish to eat your daily calorie allowance purely on cream cakes then so be it, if you would rather eat health, balanced meals, then all the tools are on Weight Loss Resources to help you do so.
Try it, it is worth the fee and I recommend WLR to anyone.

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