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“Eat what you like, and win!”


written by Reevessi135 on 12/09/2020

With a break in membership, I have been using WLR since about 2005. When I signed up again after the break, staff were able to restore the bank of recipes I had built up from when I belonged before - brilliant! For several years now I have had a rolling annual membership, and use the site practically every day to ensure that I can eat and drink and cook what I like, secure in the knowledge that I am in control of my weight. When diagnosed with arthritis in my knee I decided it was time to lose a bit more weight, which I did over a period of several months. In lockdown, with 40 minutes of daily exercise, I have seen my weight reduce to the point where I am now at the bottom of the healthy weight band for my age and height.

I should confess that I am a serious foodie and I love cooking. Brought up to overeat and coming from a family of obese parents and siblings, I have seen myself as a fat slob all my life. So it’s hard for me to get my head round the fact that, while yes, I do have spare rolls of blubber on my body (aged 78), I am not “fat” any more. I would never have believed I could reduce to this weight. Still hardly can. But I can also say that my journey of healthy weight loss with WLR has been a pleasure.

There are times you’re in control and pleased with yourself, and times you’re not! When it’s hard, don’t kick yourself. Just keep on going, ups and downs included, and you’ll get there. It is always possible.

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