WLR or not WLR?

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“WLR or not WLR?”


written by Rubb15h on 06/06/2019

I am an advocate of calorie counting and recording and find WLR the best medium for this. It can be long winded and frustrating in some areas but generally is a success. You have an option of following various diet plans and can construct your own, which for a keen cook like me, is very useful.

They post a number of Challenges which you can join. They keep your interest and show you your progress and are designed to help the diet process. The cost of membership compares very well to other diet plans and the calorie counting formula makes it less complicated and more accessible than the others. Sensible targets are set and you can see a steady progression towards your goal. You go at your pace. If it is slow never mind.

It can help you change your mindset and attitude to food. If you always claim that diets don’t work for you, you have the opportunity to see why, and to address it.

There have been a number of problems recently with the synching with Fitbit which they are trying to iron out.

There is a forum with different catagories which you can freely post on. Unfortunately there are a number of ‘posters’ who believe that their opinion is the only one and let you know it. However, in a world of free speech that is expected. If you don’t like that aspect don’t post. There are a number of supportive and helpful people on the site and you soon get to know the ‘identity’ of the bullies and can avoid reading their opinions.

When everything is taken into account it is a good resource and can help you lose weight. The support from the help team, the diet plans, and everything else makes it value for money. It is successful as long as you realise that you cannot wave a magic wand and have weight just disappear. You have to work at it , and by using the available tools on the site, and by really wanting to, you will lose weight.

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