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Wanting_Answers's review of Plenty of Fish -


“It has it plus and minuses. ”

Written on: 30/05/2013 by Wanting_Answers (1 review written)

OK so we all know the Plus side of POF is that it's free and that would be about it, and yes the down side is a lot of bad apples w/a very limited few good ones. But not sure if profiles are being deleted by POF or its a bug on the site after they we're hacked last yr.
I've been on and off POF for a few yrs, recently took a yr and half off to give it a break, cause I wasn't successful, then came back this month only to find my profile hidden which I didn't do and I couldn't unhide it due to the invisible link wasn't there, w/of course no help by the customer service they have. Then a few days ago, when I logged on, all my sent emails were deleted, again not by me. Then I tried to add a few ppl to my favourites list and it would add them. Then when I logged off and tried to log back on its when it all started. The infamous login issues that everyone is having.
I'm too having the same login issues everyone seems to be having, but is it a case of where our profiles have been deleted cause it's saying our emails isn't in the data base or is that our profiles still exist yet we can't get to it to find out. I don't know on my end cause my profile is hidden and when I search it of course it wont come up.
I didn't break the any of the rules especially the new ones of intimate encounters, and was very happy to see it gone. I was the one that as soon as the guy was hinting he only wanted one thing, I'd tell him, you got the wrong person I'm not that type. So good luck finding what you're looking for. I actually was looking to find someone to date and see what happens. But I find it funny seeing ppls profiles still on the site they did msg me for one thing only. So hence why I'm curious to find out was anyone else having the same profile issues I was having, and now have no access to our profiles.
But yet w/no answers, responses or reasons coming from POF's head office to know what is happening or giving notices if ppls profiles where deleted or not.
So is it a conspiracy theory of someone that hacked the system to ruin the site or is it really POF deleting ppls profiles, w/not really looking into each case, or was it more of a programmed that searched for certain words and if they came up in the search they were deleted. Too many possibilities. Just wish we had some answers and feed back to know what to do to correct or fix the issue/problems.
Yes the lack of response from POF is extremely poor ppl relations especially if they want to continue with the site as being one of the biggest and most popular, and with the poor reaction and fixing the problems on their end isn't helping their side. Especially since ppl are getting upset and leaving and moving onto other sites, which word of mouth isn't good cause it won't take long for POF to lose what they have, and I'm sure POF owner doesn't want to lose his income from the site, if its not as popular anymore like it use to be.
Now what to do? Do we all send messages to POF head office to inundate and over whelm them to let them know what is happening and things need to be done properly and correctly. Do sign our user name to a petition and send to POF to say fix the issues. Or does now computer expert reach out the POF and let them know what the issue or bugs are and how to fix it. Or do we just wait to see what happens, but if what I read about POF not fixing the invisible link to unhide ppl profiles for about a year, I don't know if this is a high priority as well and we could be waiting more then a year to see any resolution.
So maybe its true when they say numbers and words speak volumes and we should all msg POF especially if its POF's owner or PR dept and tell them each and everyone's issue, and due to being inundated with msg's they'll finally get what everyone concerns are and maybe things would be fixed eventually. But again only Time will tell. Which sucks as time goes on we lose the connections we've made in the mean time. Which is everyone's goal of finding someone special in the end. Fingers crossed and hopefully things will get fixed. Cheers. In the same vote as everyone.

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