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“No Active Users Under 30”

Written on: 03/09/2014

I am 23 and my age criteria I do not think is not too specific being 18-28 and at the time of writing there is only 4 users online in a 15 mile radius and when I use the users in the past week with the same criteria it pops up with people in places that are much further than that which also makes it look like there is much more people that fit your criteria than there actually is.

The service gets you in by signing up for free and letting you view users etc without being able to contact etc, this has the knock on effect of making the service appear much more busy than it actually is (most of the accounts are non subscribers I am guessing from most having just one photo and very little information added to them).

there is many tactics they use to make the service appear more busy for instance the smallest timeline you can do since online apart from being online now is the past week, when compared to POF you can look at those who were online in past hour (and that one is free).

From what I can see this service would be much more viable for those over 30 or just left a marriage or have kids (most of the users I have seen on here fit that criteria).

I think this service could be greatly improved if they made non subscribers actually be able to do more than just look before they buy, which subscribers can do by paying or TWO subscriptions (your base subscription and CONNECT I believe its called). Logic would dictate not do that considering a free user who is window shopping is very unlikely to know that they can message you and get messages back even though they are not subscribers.

Also do not make the mistake I made thinking match affinity was part of the same service (I thought it was part of the subscription for some reason) it is not even though it constantly advertises about using it to get better matches.

If I was them I would merge Match Affinity and into one entity and give free users more access to the service like messaging subscribers no matter what and make the subscription service be more about being able to gain additional information and access to bonus like discounts to events. This would create a much more active user base and in theory should create less unhappy customers.

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