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Angels Sin's review of Aqua Credit Cards - www.aquacard.co.uk


“Hit and miss”

Written on: 24/06/2013 by Angels Sin (88 reviews written)

I applied and was accepted for an Aqua card about 18 months ago and to be honest, I've been pretty happy with it. My limit was £250 at first, but after paying in full and on time every month, after 6 months or so it was increased to £800. I've only had to call Customer Services once, where it sounds as though I got lucky. I was calling because of how long it was taking for the payment from my bank to show up on my credit card and I was worried about getting charged a late fee.

As this was in my first month, the lady I spoke to helped me change my payment date and said she'd make sure I wasn't charged any extra for that month, which I wasn't.

HOWEVER - it's not all good!

Firstly, my big issue is with the website which is shockingly bad. Once you try to login it often crashes or says its unavailable and takes ages to load. Today I had an email from Aqua saying they'd set up a new website and I'd need to re-register. I tried all morning but every time I clicked on continue button after completing my details on the first page, I'd have to wait a few minutes before being taken to the "service unavailable" page.

My other half has had much bigger problems though. He wanted to do a balance transfer that would temporarily put him into credit on his Aqua card. He called Aqua first to ask if this would be ok and was told that yes, it was fine. He went ahead with the transfer. A few days later he went to use his Aqua card and it wouldn't work. He called up and they told him that because he was in credit, his card had been blocked as a safety measure, but they would now unblock it and he would be able to use it fine. Of course, when he tried again the next day, it didn't work.

He called them again and this time got a VERY rude lady who told him off for transferring the money and putting himself in credit. After many calls back and forth, it transpired that it wasn't ok for my partner to make the transfer and they would have to send the money back. Fine he said, and off we went on holiday.

2 weeks later we got back and the money still hadn't been transferred back to his original account. He needed to use his card to buy something so called up to make sure it would go through ok and that his card wasn't still blocked. Yes, he was told, it will be fine. It wasn't, it was blocked. Whilst in the store he called Aqua to tell them, they said he'd put his pin in wrong. He tried the transaction again, still declined. Another call to Aqua, this time he was told that there was a block in place, but it was because he was buying from John Lewis and they have fraud issues apparently - try again he was told. Again, declined. After a third call to Aqua's 0845 number and the card still not working, he gave up. So basically, Aqua were hanging on to his money, not letting him spend it or transfer it back to his bank! They had it for around a month in total. To be fair however, he wrote a strong letter of complaint and has now been offered compensation.

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