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“Hi guys,I just thought I would write a quick review...”

Written on: 16/08/2013

Hi guys,I just thought I would write a quick review about

I am 43 years of age , and I have an excellent credit score with EQUIFAX & EXPERIAN.

I have had loans, credit cards, and even a fully paid up mortgage.

Every payment has been for the agreed amount,& paid on time,until the agreement has been settled.

I am thinking about buying a second property, and decided to check my credit report with all 3 company's.

My credit file was fine on Experian,with a credit score of 986 (Excellent)

The Data that Equifax held on me was pretty much the same with a high score and also stated as (Excellent).

When I checked my credit file on ( is a part of the (call credit)company, my score was very low with only a 3/5 rating.

You are then prompted to view your (credit score) mine was only 586 which is deemed ( poor).

The company then prompts you to pay £30 for 12 months, to see how you can repair your low (credit score).

In my opinion, they deliberately manufacture a low credit score ,so that you sign up to the extra service called (noddle improve) for £30.

The data on your credit report should be pretty much the same as the other 2 companys,but it is only very basic.

Obviously you want to see what is having a negative impact on your credit score ,but surprize surprize, you can' see how to repair it without paying the £30 fee.

All the data that the company did have about me was 100% positive, and should have given me a much better credit score.

What is very worrying about this company, is that loads of big name lenders use this data on credit applications.

This company needs to be exposed, as this just cant go on..

Please write a review yourself ,if you have had the same problem.

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Stugo's Comment

Written on: 26/08/2013

Thank you for saving me the time of registering. I think I will just pay to see my Call Credit rating.

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Groovychic's Comment

Written on: 27/11/2013

I am taking this company to court as I am seeking damages for the damaging information hey have recorded against my name- which is iincorrect by the way!!

I suggest you do the same as it is only throught he courts that we will change their dubious practices. I am also reporting them to the OFT AND INFPRMATION COMMISSIONER AS TEHY ARE BREAKING DATA PROTECTION LAWS.

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Cartoonhead6666's Comment

Written on: 27/11/2013

I 100% agree with you.

This company is a disgrace ,and should not be allowed to operate in this way.

Please note! These comments are not just sour grapes on my part, due to being turned down for credit.

I have an excellent credit file & credit score with both the other major credit agencies.

The information that they help on me was very minimal ,and over 6 months out of date,

They had no record of me being on the electoral roll ,even though I am registered at my current & previous address.

I will be doing everything advised, by groovychics comment.

Rat them out! and expose this dreadful company.

Tell Watchdog Twitter face book Sky news ( everybody )

Good luck.

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Martcrox's Comment

Written on: 06/09/2013

I agree totally with this. I joined noddle free to receive a 5/5 & 608 rating. A month later it has dropped to 572. Nothing at all has changed except that I closed 3 unused relatively new credit cards (which is supposed to help your credit score!) i.e. I kept my old cards & closed ones from about 4-5 years ago that were utilised only for a year for free credit. I have nothing detrimental on the report at all. I have never missed a payment in the last 25 years!

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