Worst insurance company I have ever used!

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“Worst insurance company I have ever used!”

Written on: 03/09/2013

Please do not use Autonet! I tried online here is how it worked.
1. They sent emails telling me I wasn't going to be covered if I didn't send my driving license.
I sent a scan of my driving license and informed them in the email that if there was any problems call me.
2. They got back to me by email, whilst I was on holiday, saying that if I didn't respond to their emails with more info the policy would be cancelled.
I sent an email informing them to cancel the policy - using the cooling off period.

They sent a letter telling me that I was still insured and couldn't cancel.
For one week of cover they have charged me £170 and were VERY unprofessional offering no assistance.

They are NOT to be trusted.

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Autonetinsurance1's Comment

Written on: 05/09/2013

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Thank you for bringing the issues with your driving licence, our email respones and cancellation charges to our attention.

If you would like to send me your contact details, I will arrange for this to be looked into.

Kind regards
Autonet Insurance

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Jokreview's Comment

Written on: 06/09/2013

Two things strike odd here. Firstly that someone from Autonet has the time to trawl through the internet checking for poor reviews. Secondly, had Autonet actually assisted me in the first place I would not have had to cancel my policy. Nor would I be £170 out of pocket for a car that was insured for one week.

Can you state publicly here in this forum what Autonet would do in this case?

I spoke to an Autonet assistance and their line manager and they would not assist. What is it that you intend to do differently? I explained to them my case in full. If your stance is to resolve and refund may I ask why the two people I spoke with on the phone for nearly an hour in total would not do that?

The essence of my problem is that Autonet requested that I was to scan my driving license and mail it to them. I did this, partially. I only scanned my plastic license. I sent them in the email that a statement that "I will be on holiday now for two weeks, if you have any questions please call me as I will not be checking emails". They said they called me, but I have neither a missed call on either my home or mobile. The next email, received when I was on holiday, stated that if I didn't send the other part of the license it would be cancelled. As I didn't have the ability to do this I cancelled my policy by email. And open another policy with another insurance provider. Over a week later I receive an email from Autonet informing me that I did not follow process and my policy was still valid.

I called the number provided and they said that they can't accept emails cancelling. Fair enough. But once I verified that I had sent it they wouldnt back date the cancellation to that point.

Your customer service standards is very poor. I explained that due to the ambiguity from Autonet I was forced to cancel my policy as I was uncertain that I would have been covered. Both the line manager and the assistant told me "I should have taken it as read that I would have been covered". Insurance policies do not work on the basis of "Taking it as read". I remain certain that if I was in an accident Autonet would have taken the stance that I had not provided all the details properly and was not covered. And taking that position I cancelled.

Autonet have £170 of my money for a car that never moved.
Can I take it as read that you will refund me? Or shall I take it as read, as I think will be the case, that you will do nothing about refunding my £170.

Your response will be publicly displayed. I wish for others to understand how Autonet conduct their business.

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Autonetinsurance1's Comment

Written on: 09/09/2013

Dear Sir/Madam,
We take all correspondence seriously and would like the opportunity to look into this for you.

If you could forward me some of your contact details, (For example, your client reference number, phone number or address), we would be happy to investigate this and reply accordingly.

Kind regards

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Jokreview's Comment

Written on: 09/09/2013

Thank you, your response is appreciated.
My Ref is: 1919103/1F4

You will have my contact details on file, it would be foolish of me to give out any further information online.

I look forward to resolving this with you.

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Jokreview's Comment

Written on: 23/09/2013

I was contacted over a week and a half ago now.
Thank you for passing it onto someone, and I must add he was very helpful. However, he said he would look into my issue here and get back to me within a few days.......

Please can you find out where this is in the process.


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Jokreview's Comment

Written on: 24/09/2013

Please can someone get back to me please?
I spoke to one of your agents and he said he would get back to me within two days. That was two weeks ago!

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Jokreview's Comment

Written on: 27/09/2013

Ref 1919103/1/4N

Now I have received a letter which is informing me that they have taken a furth £83.16 out of my account. This is whilst someone was "trying to resolve this"... that I still have not heard back from.

Autonet.... SHAME ON YOU..... You have taken now £250 for one weeks insurance that I didn't use....


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Jokreview's Comment

Written on: 08/10/2013

After contacting Autonet, now for the fourth time, taking over one and a half hours in total on their 10p per minute call line. I explained that I had just had money taken out my account.

Their response was: "We are waiting on the insurance company to inform us if they will refund you and the money coming out your account is because the departments havent communicated to each other. We will contact you before the 4th of October".

It's now the 8th of October. Yet another wait. And I need to call them back - again.

Nobody responds to letters or phone calls. Autonet... please take heed, all of this is being noted for the Insurance Ombudsman service as much for others to see how you interact with your customers when they have problems.

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Jokreview's Comment

Written on: 10/10/2013

Finally got this resolved today.

I called the freephone number and insisted they transfer me. Which they wouldn't. But they did inform the complaints department, who said they would review my case and call me back. Within 10 minutes they had. And refunded me all the money that Autonet had taken. All except for the week until I emailed saying I was cancelling. Which I feel is fair enough.

They gave me a contact extension and someone I can speak with should I need to.

Summary: one week of insurance, complete ambiguity if I was insured or not. A readiness from Autonet to take as much money as possible even when the situation is explained clearly. Over 2 hours of calls.

Went from Sales, to insurance desk, to customer service ending at the complaints desk.

Several times being told I would be informed, but waited time and again.

And whilst the customer complaints were efficient, full of empathy and very efficient I should not have had to put so much effort into this process.

I would certainly be hesitant to advise the usage of Autonet.
But with the assistance of one helpful complaints staff member I got it all resolved in about 30 mins in the end.

I am sure Autonet have their success stories, my personal experience of them wasn't one.

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