Avoid avoid avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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garydempster's review of Autonet Insurance - www.autonetinsurance.co.uk


“Avoid avoid avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Written on: 09/08/2013 by garydempster (1 review written)

I am absolutely gobsmacked that an outstanding company like Confused.com is even entertaining a parasitic company like Autonet.
I saw them pop up to the top of the most affordable list so thought it a deal to good to be missed.
In reality as soon as I submitted, I was asked to provide information threatening me that I had seven days or my policy would be cancelled. Had it not been for the fact that I was otherwise engaged with my car which blew up on 4no days after taking out the policy, I would've cancelled immediately.
After then charging me more money for apparently some incorrect information I had submitted, I was then threatened again for a 7no day cancellation period if I did not pay up. They said this was due to Zenith the underwriters but my experience of insuring with Zenith direct never asked for what they were asking for an were never so aggressive and rude with their automated letters.
What I found equally frustrating is that to talk to anyone, you have to pay the 10 pence per minute line, as evidently their customer service department do not do out going calls!!! You really couldn't make this up. I then got into a disagreement over my wife's licence as this was still in her maiden name (as you need to submit your driver licences to them) They refused to acknowledge this but picked up on the fact that an SP30 was still valid, so added another £23.17 onto the bill. I said this was double standards but obviously they disagreed. We sent my wife's driving licence to DVLA and were again threatened with 7no day turnaround or my policy would be cancelled. I told them this was unrealistic so spoke to DVLA who said, tell them to call us and we will verify. The customer services manager told me that they don't call the DVLA as it doesn't display what is on the paperwork i.e offence codes. I reminded her that this what she had used already to try and charge me an addition £23 plus! but she refused to acknowledge this.
I then said as my car was broken I would be buying a new car so furnished them with the number plate details and by Confused.com reckoning, this should have simply been an uplift in cost of £126. Not according to Autonet though, even though the best quote that turned around on Confused.com was with them! They then tried to blame it on the fact that it was a different underwriter until I told them that it was still with Zenith!!! They then went on to say that they couldn't proceed with the upgrade to another vehicle as I owed them £23 plus still. I said im hardly going to pay that if I am forced to cancel anyway as they are seeing an opportunity and ripping me off! (wanted to charge me near £500 mark)
Eventually I was told if I waited on the phone they would ring Zenith for me (after being on the phone for 40 mins at this point) I asked again, can you call me back and let me know, to which they reiterated, we don't do outgoing call...some customer services department!!!
What I also found out too is that they also do not read emails....they give you a support@autonet.co.uk address to respond to, however no one ever answers, despite an automated acknowledgment. The customer services manager told me its because they are too busy...too busy ripping people off! I have found the whole insurance a nightmare/. In 20 years of insuring cars it has never been this difficult, this company is a blatant opportunist who no doubt will go pop at the end of the years once word gets out and re surface under a new name to repeat the scurrilous business they trade in.
I managed to cancel my contract today loosing effectively for 5 days cover £173 (from a total of £287) So will have about £113 left to go towards another policy. This was on top of the 1 hour 10 mins i spent on the phone!!!
I am outraged as this is simply daylight robbery.
I will now be proceeding to the financial ombudsman and any other forums that will allow me to publicise this scandalous company.
I am very disillusioned and incredibly disappointed with Autonet as they have no regard for the people they lure in.
Imagine trying to pursue a claim, they would wriggle out of it double quick fashion.
Do yourself a favour and go for the big boys direct. For an extra £30 you can have piece of mind that you really are insured with a company standing behind you, rather than one standing behind you sticking the knife in your back!

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Autonetinsurance1's Response to garydempster's Review

Written on: 13/08/2013

I'm sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with the level of customer service you have received from Autonet and for any confusion over the charges for your insurance.

If you would like to send your details to me, I will forward them on to the relevant department, who will look into this for you.

Kind regards

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