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“Awful experience”


written by Andyuigwfe on 11/04/2024

After taking out a car insurance policy and providing the anticipated mileage for the year, I was contacted by them and accused of lying about my annual mileage expectations. They had looked back over other car insurance quotes I had run in the past and because I had run a number of quotes to find the best deal they accused me of lying. When I explained I was sure of my maximum anticipated mileage and was happy to not be covered if I exceeded it they still wouldn't let it drop. Then I was accused of lying about when I bought the car. I estimated it to be in February 3 years ago but they claim to have run a credit check and know I bought it on 22nd Jan. First of all, I bought it for cash so there is no way a credit checked showed anything. And why does being 9 days out on the purchase date from 3 years ago affect this years insurance policy! After 10 minutes of being talked to like a criminal I asked to cancel the policy with immediate effect as I was so annoyed at the way I was being treated. They have now cancelled the policy are claiming on the cancellation notice that it is because I failed to provide them with details of my annual mileage. This is an outright lie! The policy was cancelled at my request. I have been charged absurd cancellations fees and feel that they never wanted my business in the first place and were looking to find a reason to cancel the policy just so they could keep the fees without providing cover, it felt like the kind of thing a sham company would do to take your cash without providing the service.

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