AVIS beware they will rip you off!!!!

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“AVIS beware they will rip you off!!!!”

Written on: 18/06/2013

I went to Germany from the 5th to the 9th of June form my mums 77th Birthday and booked a hire car with AVIS - big mistake!!

On collection of the vehicle they pre-authorised an amount for the estimated amount the car hire would cost, which is standard procedure. I opted for the excess waiver insurance on collection.

They say that if you don't return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel you will be charged for the fuel that is missing, again this is fair enough.  

I returned the vehicle duly on the Sunday and about half a mile from Hanover Airport filled the car up to the brim, on drop off the inspector checked the vehicle over, he agreed all was in order and gave me a receipt for the amount of 107.39 Euros - which is supposed to be the final amount for the amount to be charged and all pre-authorised amounts should just 'drop off the account' within a few days.

On checking my account on a daily basis the pre-authorised amount was still showing, and on Thursday last week they had also taken £80.20 from my account (which would equate to the agreed amount of 107.39 Euros god knows what exchange rate they use) I subsequently called their call centre and some agent told me that the pre-authorised amount would drop off, nothing else was due from me and to speed this up he would send a fax to their headoffice to get this taken off, he was also going to email me a copy of this fax.  Needless to say this fax is still very illusive...

As my account balance still showed as no money available I now had to resort to cancelling direct debits that are going out to avoid them bouncing and me being charged by my bank.  

On checking my account yesterday - Avis have taken another amount of £74.50 from my account which would equate to the amount I would had been charged if I had returned the car empty....which is extortionate anyway - I only had a Fiat 500!!!! even if there was fuel missing from the tank (which there was not) how can they charge me for a full tank of fuel? So far the hire car has cost me £251.07 (including the pre-paid amount) which is shocking to say the least for 4 days hire!!! I could have had a beemer for that amount!

And on top of this - I still can't use my account as the pre-authorised amount is still showing as being taken off my bank balance.....

I have since sent 2 emails (one of them a proper complaint) and they say they aim to resolve this within 5 working days but it could take up to 15 days or longer - and what I am supposed to do in the meantime for money? I am just lucky that my partner has agreed to lend me some money - otherwise I would have no money to get to work or to buy food due to their mistake!!

Conveniently no-one works in their call-centres on weekends, but tomorrow I am gonna rip someones head off!!!! 

And if I am charged by my bank for going overdrawn, they will also get a bill for that

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Linctus's Comment

Written on: 20/06/2013

That sounds horrific! I know I'll be steering clear after reading this, they sound like and absolute nightmare, I don't know if I'd have the patience to get this cleared up.

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Tobester76's Comment

Written on: 08/08/2013

They billed me an extra £1,293.00 (yes, you read that right, one thousand two hundred and ninety three pounds sterling) with no explanation. I have reported them to the OFT, and advised Emirates to drop them as a Global Partner.

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