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Ray_of_Sunshine's review of Supanet



written by Ray_of_Sunshine on 09/08/2017

After about 20 years using their rubbish free email service, they recently blocked my access to this account claiming I would now need to pay them £59 annually. The clown that responded to my call insisted that this was reasonable given how long I had used it for free. Knowing that there are scores of free email providers out there, I was staggered that he thought I was going to pay for what was a very below average account when compared to the other free providers.

As it turns out I used this account specifically for people I didn't trust not to sell my email address to third party fraudsters and spammers, so it was only of very limited value to me. It took me only a few minutes to replace them with a new free provider.

While I realise I was lucky and others may have had to pay them their ransom to regain access to their own property (which is illegal in Scotland) this should be seen for the fraudulent practice it is and they should have their licence revoked by Ofcom. I can't say I will miss them.


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