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Guest's review of Sky Broadband


“Total rubbish”

Written on: 21/04/2013

Where do I start? Having been a Virgin broadband customer for years, we thought we would go to Sky because their TV is brilliant. Anyway we got coaxed into getting a full package because we could get 'Sky Go' for free -- what they failed to tell us, you can only get it on 'IOS' and 'Android' or laptop (all our family have Windows Phones)....!!!!

Right, so we get their broadband (unlimited), which is part of the package. Everything was fine for the first 2 months, then it all went downhill. For the last 5 months our connection goes down for up to 7 hours every other day. Don't get me wrong the people at the helpdesk have tried everything within their power to fix this, but they can not find out what the problem is. They told us to turn of the router/modem for 30mins to reset itself, which worked at first but not no more, hence not having internet connection for up to 7 hours. The thing that gets me so angry is we got told to write down the times it doesn't work and then ask for a discount on our bill -- why should I do that, I'm a paying for service they are supposed to be providing. All I want is a proper internet connection. I shouldn't have to log down when it doesn't work. Sky need to stop false advertising, using Hollywood stars. What is the point in paying for something that 'Sky broadband' clearly can't provide. Although it's cheap, I would rather pay more to another company who can do what they say.

I would not recommend 'Sky Broadband' to anyone, and I cannot wait until my contract is up. The only thing Sky is good for is television and false promises. Furthermore, they need to stop providing cheap crappy router/modems...

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Techexpert's Comment

Written on: 14/05/2013

deary me, what silly advisor u must have had, u clearly have an intermittent connection, assuming your internet light goes off or amber when it drops, it is a very simple ts procedure.

try router in master socket with all other equipment from other sockets removed and using no extension cables and monitor - possible faulty extension socket or filter.

if that does not solve, get in ur test socket if u have one and monitor, possible faulty faceplate, sky can replace this.

still not solved, try another filter.

if this doesn't do it then sky will probably replace router and if this doesnt do it then they will send BT Openreach around to look at ur line

its that simple, it really is, intermittent connections are usually equipment problems. oh, the new sky hub is a very good router so they listened

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