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Latest Reviews

“Joke of a company ”


written by GerDoran on 29/09/2022

Like everyone else on here my experience with this so called warranty company are a complete joke, I took out a premium warranty as advised from the Car dealership I bought from and was told if I had any issues it would be covered. I went ahead and paid this crowd 500 euro for a premium warranty and when I had trouble with my car the part Air flow sensor wasn't covered, I wasn't happy with the garage they sent me too so I got a second opinion and low and behold its not that part that's gone its actually a pipe leading into it that's cracked the Inlet manifold that part is covered in a premium warranty so I rang them back and told Car protect this they were all apologies sent me a mail for the garage to send on all details and costs of the repair only to then turn around and say a couple of days later that that part is Normal wear and tear on a car for the mileage there is 170000km on the clock seriously like. I ended up with a bill of nearly 800 euro the 500 euro I gave this crowd would have gone a long way to fixing my car. I asked them to send me on a detailed report as to why they wouldn't fix my car as im going to seek legal advice and still havent received anything from them to date. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

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“They are a pain! Make it very difficult to claim.”


written by Judah251 on 16/08/2021

Bought a car from a dealer-Car Protect policy was included in the price. After three months I noticed the radiator was leaking. I brought it to one of the garages they recommended.(a 40 minute drive away). The mechanic said he hates dealing with Car Protect as they are a pain. Mechanic done a diagnostic test on the car (which I had to pay for) to confirm the leaking radiator, and sent the results to CP. CP later phoned me asking how and why is the radiator leaking, and want me to bring the car back to the mechanic so that he can strip down the radiator and take a photo of the leak.(again, I would have to pay for this). CP will look at the photo and decide if it the leak is covered by the policy (although it states in my policy cover that radiators are covered!) It will be cheaper for me to bring it to my local mechanic and get him to seal the leak !

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“Waste of Money”


written by Jovan463 on 18/08/2020

Don't waste your money with this lot. They will look for any excuse under the sun not to pay out. I bought a car costing over 20,000, began having problems with it about four months later. I had the second highest level cover they offer. They refused to cover any of the problems, their excuse being that I had driven a few hundred miles too far before I got a service. I wonder what their next excuse would have been. My remaining few months of cover therefore become obsolete. No partial refund either. They could have asked me on the phone for the mileage instead of insisting I bring it to one of their affiliated garages. So I took the day off work at my own expense, paid the cost of an inspection (which they will not refund not matter the outcome) and I've been left out of pocket with a cover policy that refuses to cover and a car that's still not fixed. Avoid at all cost.

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“A big mistake.”


written by CaoimhinMc on 16/01/2020

After buying a 6 year old car from a main dealer, I was offered and purchases an extended 24 month Warranty from CAR PROTECT. “Big mistake”. The policy is supposed to cover Premier cover, DPF Cover and Breakdown cover. 16 months later rainy 9/Jan/2020 the front Wiper motor failed. The wiper motor is covered under the policy so I contacted Car Protect and told me to bring to one of there recommend repair garages which I did. The garaged could have had the parts delivered by courier in matter of hours from BMW Ireland and car back on the road the same day, however Car Protect insisted the garage purchases the parts on eBay from abroad because its cheeper. A week has past and no parts and could take another week, maybe more. After many calls to Car Protect and having to hear there excuses and B.S. I requested a replacement car which is on the policy, got more B.S and they refused. Its rained 4 days in the past 7. Stay away from them.

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“Warranty satisfaction”


written by PhilipBirkin on 14/10/2018

Prior to making my first claim from car protect We had read and seen some bad reviews . Which made us think we had chosen the wrong warranty But to our surprise the claim went through with out any problem the garage dealt with car protect and every thing went well I chose the garage that I wanted my car to be repaired so I had to pay a top up fee on labour charges but car protect had told me they would only pay 40.00 per hour labour which I agreed to pay so I am very happy with the out come my vehicle back on the road and I am happy to continue to use car protect

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“Save your money”


written by Blairao54 on 25/09/2018

Apparently, integral parts of the engine are not covered under the parts listed. You have no idea what's not covered until you try to make a claim or you're an auto-technician and know every separate part of your engine to know whether or not it's covered before you invest in the policy. Don't bother. Some of the call operators are patronising and it's clear they will not cover a claim that costs more than what you've paid in, so just save your money for potential repairs. .

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“Waste of Money! Avoid!!!!!!!”


written by MBW8 on 12/03/2018

Had a policy for my Audi that started in July 2012 and never made a claim. Tried to claim the other day for a rear wiper motor,a thermostat and the Haldex ECU that runs the four wheel drive system and the only thing they would cover was the thermostst. Bearing in mind it would cost about £30 to get repaired and my excess was £75. The other (expensive) stuff wasnt covered as it wasnt in their drop down menus! Complete waste of money and I would have been better off saving the £22 per month I paid for all that time which would have easily covered the cost of repairs. I suggest anyone else to do the same and avoid this company as I feel they will always find a way not to pay out, just read any other review on them!

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“They don't pay for anything”


written by Sparks39 on 25/11/2017

I've been with them for 4 years and this week I had an issue with my car costing £1K but they just said they wouldn't pay as it's wear & tear. What's the point in buying a warranty when you have an older car if they don't pay for wear and tear. Don't buy any of their products, they are very arrogant and not helpful at all.

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“Dont get into this company and products”


written by tuMurdock216 on 01/10/2016

This is a not a company. They will never pay for any damages. In case of a problem they will ask you to introduce them to your garage and then found a deal by twisting the words in policy..not to pay you. Had two claims and oth rejected on same grounds. Later on garage told me the story and offered me discount on repairs which should hve come for free. They are absolute scmmers trying to sell a piece of mind warranty.  Their complaints process also justifies their sales agents and reasons not to pay. And then they send a form for Ombudsman. come on nobody has got time to follow the claims and you eventually give up chasing them. My advice is not to buy any products and save it somewhere else to cover for your repairs which works out cheaper.

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“Every Claim 'Wear and Tear'”


written by Angie210 on 13/05/2015

Steer clear of them they never pay out!!!!!!

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“"Play the wear and tear card!!"”


written by gecouger on 27/09/2014

I have 2 warranties with this company (not for much longer) and I can safely say they are not worth the paper they are written on. They sell them with all these promises of they can help when something goes wrong, they don't mind that your car is 10 years old, then as soon as you have a problem its "sorry that's wear and tear" what do they think a 10 year old car is going to do!!!! they are a disgrace and I am now taking them to the Ombudsman as they are a sham company taking money under false pretences, avoid these people like the plague total waste of money.

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“Do Not Buy”


written by bazer63 on 26/10/2013

I believe that this company is breaking the law? But how do you prove something like this? I bought a car, quite recently and got a phone call out of the blue from "Car Protect" speaking to me as if I am the former owner, I correct them and say its changed hands, they then say they will renew the breakdown cover, but in my name, got me, How much I say 23.99 a month, steal thinks me, "As clutch is going" so she says first month is free, even better thinks me, oh no you can not claim for the fist 28 days so that's a waste of time, but I can live with it for a few more weeks, no probs, then it happens, makes bad noise smoke from under the bonnet, I think that's not good, but I have insurance? I ring next day take it to this garage, excuse me that's 32 miles away, how do I get it there, not our problem? so ring back as I have roadside breakdown cover, no they wont take it, "NOT COVERD" "Oh" not again? they then found a garage 3 miles away so of I go, show the garage the insurance cover note "OK" says the man we will ring and sort it all out. 256.77 later they say "NOT COVERD" so why am I paying them, the only way to get my car back is to pay the bill, "WHY BOTHER WITH INSURANCE" if nothing is covered, I can think of words that I would love to say to the people that sold me this, don't fall for this, its a conn

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