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Fairmile Cat Hotel Exeter
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bromwich123's review of Fairmile Cat Hotel Exeter

“Not happy with service ”


written by bromwich123 on 12/07/2016

On arrival there was no warm welcome. I was welcomed with, we are closed now and this is stated on all our leaflets. I was appropriately 5 minutes late and they even stated they were preparing for other owners to arrive to collect their cats.

I asked how my two cats had been and received a hash cold response of " they have not been good house quest" they stated they had been toileting all over the floor, even when they had put out three cat litters for them. I informed them both my cats knew how to use litter trays as I've had them in my house and never had this issue.

They stated my cats on arrival were very depressed, had no energy and were dehydrated. To my disbelief and shock I replied my cats were in very good health on arrival and only the week prior,they had received a full health check in the vets.
They stated they had fleas and this had made them anaemic, depressed, no energy and unable to move. They stated after they treated them, they were different cats. I informed them my cats had not long been treated in the vets for fleas and moreover, they had never been away from home, placed in boarding or looked after by strangers. This would have been a big shocked, especially after both my cats were rescue. I then had the reply that the vets i use were not good and they advise people to avoid them.

I paid allot of money for this service and will not be using them again.

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