Introduction To BMW X5

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The BMW X5 is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV sold by BMW since 1999. It features all wheel drive and straight-6 and V8 engines and up 3.0 L diesel engines. BMW scored a hit with the X5 when they took over British firm Rover and were able to combine their luxury sport performance excellence with Rovers know how in off road 4x4 markets. In contrast to the Range Rover models, the X5 was made as a luxury sport tourer with 4x4 off-road capabilities. In fact, It was the first SUV-type vehicle to offer a genuinely powerful sport car drive. BMW coined the phrase Sports Activity Vehicle to emphasise its difference to other 4x4s on the market and the X5 has sold sufficiently well to justify the approach. In 2003, both Top Gear and WHICH? magazine published surveys showing X5 customers were more likely to recommend their car to a friend than any other model on the market.

The BMW X5 is a superb luxury 4x4 with some of the best on road handling in this sector. Terrific engine, performance and specification make the X5 ultra reliable. The X5 also got voted Winner of the Top Gear Best 4X4 of the year in 2005.

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