Introduction To BMW X3

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The BMW X3 is a sports utility vehicle SUV 4x4 or Sports Activity Vehicle as BMW has described it. Basically the USP of this vehicle is its style and flexibility and BMW aimed it to appeal at younger drivers in the sector as well as more women drivers. Its similar in size to a Land Rover or a Jeep Cherokee and this Mid size SUV is a more compact version of its forerunner the X5. The X3 continues the X5s mix of off-road capability but with bigger emphasis on sports touring capability but in a smaller package. On launch in 2004 the X3s engine line-up was fairly limited with a 2.0-petrol, launched in 2005, as the smallest and most affordable. The range has expanded considerably since with 3.0-litre versions offering up to 280bhp. There are also diesel versions up to 3.0-litre with 215bhp. These more powerful up to date versions are the ones to seek out. They are more enduring and provide better economy. Post 2005 updates also included goodies such as digital TV and MP3 compatibility. The 2006 updated offered even greater choice with the arrival for the first time a diesel engine at the top of the range in the new BMW X3, the 3.0-litre straight six with Variable Twin Turbo technology BMW X3 3.0sd, developing a superior 210 kW/286 hp. Again 2007 updates have extended the range receiving BMWs EfficientDynamics technology and improvements in overall performance.

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