Introduction To BMW M5

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The BMW M5 is the high-performance version of the popular BMW 5-Series. M5 versions of the E28, E34, E39 and E60 5-Series have been made, all offering something a little different. Early V6 models are highly sought after while the more recent 5 litre V10 engines offering 400bhlus are amazing cars and are simply dreamed about and coveted by most of us. 0-60mph in 4secs, the all powerful V10s are restricted but are capable of at least 204mph. The latest touring version of the M5 has been a new arrival on the scene and equally and widely acclaimed. Basically BMW have made the worlds most exciting estate car, combining the high performance tradition of the M5 with space and comfort associated with a 4 wheel drive. Overall, the secret of the BMW M5's popularity has been this successful synthesis of unobtrusive but powerful appearance. You have a car which is understated in terms of it look and is basically a luxury saloon car offering premium comfort, while at the same time combining a high-performance sports car unit featuring Formula 1 technology. More than 35,000 BMW M5s have been built with a variety of versions and subtle updates so always check spec carefully for any prospective purchase, especially if buying second hand.

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