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Virgin Atlantic Airways
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MadilynBurns's review of Virgin Atlantic Airways

“Exstreamly bad service”


written by MadilynBurns on 24/09/2015

When we checked in at gatwick the night before flying they Split myself and family apart I had to leave my husband with three young children one 11 months old as they couldn't find enough seats to be together the children's bag is a waste of money nothing worth keeping when before back in 2009 the kids bags was amazing massive shame they don't care about spending time and money on the customers rather than a vivian west costume.the reason why we couldn't be near or next to each other was customers had rebooked on line paying £25 a person (all about the money not the customer)pure in your face example THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU !!! So because of this they sat at one end of the plans and I was sat right at the back of the plane could not see them at all (not just a few rows)
I also have a fear of flying and need to take valume that my doctor prescribed me and because I got emotional they took it away and made me feel like a criminal and sat me in the galley, to which I was now being made to seat on a cabin bench and refused to give me my medication once we had got on holiday they called a week before flying home to tell me that I had to see a doctor before I could fly home and I would have to pay and arrage for that even though it was their fault for splitting me and my family up that triggerd my anxiety when hitting turbulence caused me to think the worse and now they spring this on me a week before so it ruined my last week, when on the phone to customer service they could only point the finger back at me and did not care about how they made my children feel or my husband and myself I am a shamed of Virgin they are not a nice company at all infact the worse for having any duty of care, I would never fly with them ever again they are tight and mean the service they do provide is exstreamly bad and they only care about how much money they can get from you and not to mention the dirty food trays and the awful food that I wouldn't feed to my dog unless it was all that was left.
Flying Thomsons next time we go florida herd they look after their customers when they have problems and show a level of customer care and provide unlimited drinks and food Cooked by top chefs so better food, better care, can't get worse customer service so that's got to be better.

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